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Studying in Linz: Guide

Linz is not as turbulent as Vienna and less noble than Salzburg. But enormously multifaceted: in hardly any other city does industrial charm meet the beauty of nature, art and culture, tradition and baroque architecture meet modern facades so directly. Linz is a city of contrasts, and that is what makes life here so interesting. In Austria’s third-largest city, you can live it up – even beyond your studies. Because of the excellent job opportunities and the advantages of the city on the Danube, many students simply stay after graduation. Here you can find out why so many students choose Linz and what you can look forward to during your studies.

Studying in Linz: What you need to know

Would you have thought that Linz has 8 universities with more than 2,500-degree programs? Yes, that’s right. In the Upper Austrian capital, a wide range of subjects awaits you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing your master’s degree or just starting out in student life with a bachelor’s degree: In Linz, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. Take a look at the following universities:

  • Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz: Around 20,000 students and over 100 fields of study await you at the largest university in Linz. The range of studies includes subjects from the following areas: Medicine, Natural Sciences, Engineering, Computer Science, Education, Economics, Society and Law.
  •  Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences (Linz Campus) with majors in medical technology and applied social sciences
  •  Anton Bruckner Private University for Music, Drama and Dance
  •  Catholic Private University Linz for theology, philosophy, and art studies
  •  Linz University of Art for artistic, technical, and cultural studies as well as teacher training studies
  •  Private University of Education of the Diocese of Linz
  •  University of Applied Sciences for Health Professions Upper Austria
  •  University of Education Upper Austria

Living in Linz

Since Linz has a relatively small population of 200,000, you will benefit from the short distances. This gives you more flexibility when looking for a place to live than in other large cities. While prices can rise in the beautiful old town, you can live comparatively inexpensively just outside the center. In addition to shared apartments or small apartments, you can of course also move into a student dormitory. Modern buildings like the MILESTONE Linz BrucknerStudios surprise with excellent living comfort, an in-house gym, and common rooms like a club room with a stylish bar. So, you can concentrate fully on your studies without having to sacrifice comfort and community.

Working in and around Linz

Upper Austria is an important business and industrial center in Austria. This is no coincidence. After all, many large companies are located in the greater Linz area. Students therefore have good chances of finding a reasonably paid student job. And that’s a big advantage. Because you can gain important practical experience or perhaps even work on exciting research projects. Other part-time jobs for students, for example in the restaurant business, are also available in Linz. Here you’ll find more inspiration about part-time jobs during your studies.

Finances: How to get through your studies without money worries

If you are studying in Austria, you may be entitled to financial support. To make sure that money doesn’t become a problem, you should check your finances before you start your studies and go through all the options – from family allowance to government grants. Click here for more information on financing your studies in Austria.

Studying in Linz - the best places for students to study

The libraries and reading rooms of the universities in Linz naturally offer the best learning conditions. You can also retreat to the city library or the library of the Upper Austrian State Museum when exam time comes around. In the warm months, you can always find a shady, pleasant spot along the Danube. If the weather doesn’t want to cooperate, simply visit one of the many cafés in Linz.

Transportation: How to get from A to B in Linz

As already mentioned, the distances in Linz are manageable. Accordingly, you can get relatively far by bike. If you want to use public transportation, there are several streetcar and bus lines. Be sure to check out the semester ticket for students, the so-called MEGA-Ticket.

Free time: Things to do in Linz

One thing is clear: you won’t be bored in Linz. The city is not only teeming with students. There is also no shortage of cultural activities. Numerous exhibitions and musical events take place throughout the year. Those who want to satisfy their own urge to exercise can do so in the approximately 150 USI sports courses. These are primarily offered to students and include sports activities such as ball games, dancing, and water sports. Sports weeks and workshops are also offered here. If you prefer outdoor sports, the area around the Danube is great for jogging and biking. If you want to venture further afield on your bike, you can cover the many kilometers along the Danube. And there’s no shortage of evening entertainment in Linz, either. At the top of the list of places with student-friendly prices is Lui, run by the ÖH JKU. But of course, there are plenty of other cafés and nightclubs that are just waiting for your visit and promise some damp and happy hours.

Conclusion: Dare the adventure Linz for your studies

It is no coincidence that so many students find happiness in Linz. In addition to the extensive range of courses on offer, the almost limitless leisure activities are persuasive to take part in. So, your study project is sure to be crowned with success.



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