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Student jobs: the best part-time jobs for students

14. May 2021, INFO, TIPS

The topic of earning money occupies most students. Almost all of them have to take on a part-time job in order to pay their living expenses. For many, however, this is a huge burden and causes sleepless nights. In addition to lots of tips on how to cope with stress during your studies, we will provide you with all the important information you need for your job search. If you deal with the topic consciously and make well thought-out decisions, a part-time job offers you much more than just cash in your bank account.

5 tips for choosing the best part-time job during your studies.

Part-time jobs are a dime a dozen. If you search, you will find something suitable for you. But a decent student job can offer you more than just a halfway reasonable hourly wage. The following additional criteria make a good student job:

  • Suitable working hours: You should always keep in mind that a student job should enable you to study. Accordingly, the working hours should not hinder your study progress. Of course, you cannot constantly surprise your employer with different availabilities. But a job that makes your attendance at classes difficult is certainly not particularly conducive to a good degree. Ideally, they will let you manage your own time. Yes, these student jobs exist, too!
  • Expand your knowledge: With each job you gain valuable experience – more with one job, less with another. Therefore, ask yourself what interests you and what skills you would like to develop further. Example: Even if you have nothing else to do with gastronomy, a waitressing job in a restaurant can be useful. Here you will learn a lot about dealing with guests and how to keep a cool head even in the event of complaints. This experience will help you, for example, if you want to work in sales or field service later on in life.
  • Gaining work experience: Many students complain that practical experience is neglected in their studies. But with a good student job, you can compensate for this yourself. Ideally, a part-time job will give you an introduction to your future career field or a specific industry while you are still studying. This way, you can possibly save yourself the poorly paid or even unpaid compulsory internship and start in a higher position with more responsibility after your studies.
  • Networking and vitamin B: Relationships are important – not only for your social life, but also for your future career opportunities. You can make contacts early on with a good part-time job and build on them as soon as you have your bachelor’s or master’s degree in your pocket. Keep in mind that some industries and professions are very limited. The sooner you can get started and convince people of your qualities, the better.
  • Fun and a change from your studies: A part-time job does not necessarily have to be tedious and consist of tasks that no one else wants to do. After all, a lot of free time goes into it. So, make it easy on yourself and look for a job that you enjoy, where you’re surrounded by nice people and that you look forward to even on long days. Then an hourly job can even be really enriching and not only in a financial sense.

No job in the world will be able to fulfill all these criteria one hundred percent. But you can think about which of the points is particularly important to you. With this basis, you can go on a targeted search. And remember: students change jobs more often. That is good for you! This means that you will constantly find new job postings, which may include your dream job for the time of your studies.

The classic student jobs

Now that you know what to look for when making your choice, we have compiled a list of classic student jobs. In these fields of work, your specialization is less important, which is why they usually do not pay so well.

  • Waiting tables, catering, and kitchen help: If you are looking for a student job, there is really no getting around the catering industry. These professions require a certain level of stress resistance and a friendly and polite demeanor – especially when you are serving guests. In addition, you should not be afraid to work in the evening, at night or on weekends – in other words, whenever everyone else is off. But it does have its appeal. In addition, you can earn some extra money by tipping while waiting tables.
  • Vacation jobs, office help or inventory help: These part-time jobs in companies allow you to supplement your pocket money for a certain period of time. Companies often need help with inventory and stock control at the end of the year. Some companies need extra help during the vacation season, to cover seasonal fluctuations or for a temporary project. In any case, there are all kinds of student jobs waiting for you in the office, warehouse, or shipping department.
  • Tutoring: Good at explaining things? Then turn that talent into cash by offering tutoring to high school or college students. The demand is great, especially during the vacations. Plus, you are flexible as a tutor and can put this item on your resume.
  • Deliveries and courier services: online orders and door-to-door deliveries are booming, whether it is groceries, fresh pizzas, or products from online stores. As a result, more and more people are needed to make deliveries. Depending on the provider, this is done by bicycle or car. You cannot expect high salaries, and you should also study the contracts carefully. But sometimes you can look forward to a generous tip and a varied job where you get to see a lot.
  • Work in retail: Many students earn some extra money by stocking shelves in supermarkets or sitting at the cash register in drugstores. The good thing about this is that there are plenty of jobs in this field at all kinds of hours.
  • Other classic student jobs: babysitting, pet sitting, hostessing, security, promotional jobs and handing out flyers or interviewing on shopping streets.

The best paying part-time jobs for students

Jobs for students do not always have to be low pay. However, they often require a certain amount of study progress or work experience. With these jobs, you can easily pay your rent and treat yourself to that beer outside of happy hour:

  • Working student: Many companies are happy to have additional and flexible support that is available for more than just a few hours a week. Most of the time, working students are asked to do quite a bit and a certain level of experience is required. But your efforts will be rewarded: a salary of more than 1000 euros per month is not uncommon. In addition, these are exciting activities through which you gain professional experience. It is not uncommon for a permanent full-time position to be offered once you have completed your studies. If this is not an option for you, you can at least look forward to a reference that will help you in your job search.
  • Part-time jobs: If you have already learned a profession or have already gained work experience before your studies, you can keep your eyes open for part-time jobs. The classic is substitutes for part-time positions for parents. Every now and then, companies can be convinced to accommodate you with the hours. So do not be afraid to apply for full-time positions and mention your intentions to study. Compromises are made for good employees.
  • Online and IT jobs: Especially for a degree program with a future, for example in computer science, you can start a job before or right after graduating with your bachelor’s degree and do your master’s on the side. There is a great demand for workers in this field. The hourly wage is surprisingly good.

Unusual student jobs

You can earn money in many ways. Here are jobs for students that you might not have thought of at first:

  • Ghostwriting and copywriting: Are you into writing? Then you are in luck. Because many people are happy to have this tedious work taken off their hands – both for theses, term papers and in companies. But it is not just about writing talent. Depending on who you are writing for or what field you are writing for, you will need to be skilled at it.
  • Influencer: Earning money through likes can be a lucrative way to earn money. If you are social media-savvy and enjoy running a YouTube channel or Instagram account, you can expect more and more goodies from companies as your follower count increases, or you can get paid for advertising.
  • Donate plasma: You can often donate plasma and even earn up to 2,000 euros a year. Look around for the nearest donation center and check the requirements for a plasma donation.
  • Even crazier side jobs: party guide, lighting double, nude model, extra, pallbearer, break-up artist at a break-up agency or participation in medical studies.

Legal aspects of a student job

Students have a special status – especially when it comes to health insurance and taxes. As soon as you start earning money, you will have to deal with social security and tax returns for students. You should have an overview of which earnings limits apply to you and what influence your salary has on possible subsidies and grants. The weekly working hours are also subject to certain limits. The guidelines for this can vary from country to country.

It is also important to know that student jobs unfortunately do not always have a good reputation. Sometimes quite a lot is demanded for little money. However, students are also entitled to compliance with the applicable employee rights.

Conclusion: A student job has many advantages

Certainly, part-time jobs are not only good for earning money, even if that is the main motivation for most students. However, work experience, networking and variety in your university life never hurt. But do not forget that you are studying first and foremost, and that you should have enough time left over for your education.