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Study in Aachen

23. April 2021, EXPLORE, INFO, TIPS

Aachen is the westernmost city in Germany. This means that Belgium and the Netherlands are only a hop, skip and a jump away and offer great opportunities for excursions. But just because Aachen is located directly at the border triangle, that should not be a reason to think of going abroad. In fact, the opposite of it is more valid. Young people come from all over the world to study at RWTH Aachen University or the University of Applied Sciences. After all, Aachen’s excellent reputation among students is known far beyond the borders of Germany. So, it is no wonder that people are more than happy to have the opportunity to study here. But that is by far not everything, which is why a place to study in Aachen is a real stroke of luck. We have researched for you why the city scores points with students in many aspects.

Living in Aachen

Students lead Aachen’s cityscape and offerings: After all, every fifth person lives here to study. If you choose to move to Aachen for your studies, you will be surrounded by quite a few young people and can look forward to many things that will sweeten your student life. With so many students, do you immediately think of housing shortages and expensive, run-down accommodations? We want to take this fear away from you right away. In Aachen, you can live in modern and extremely comfortable accommodation on a manageable budget. If you want to save yourself the time-consuming search for a shared flat and value your own four walls, have a look around the student dormitory Milestone Aachen West. Here you will find the right accommodation for every budget. Everything is available, from the modern standard apartment with its own bathroom and kitchenette to the luxurious penthouse dream apartment. Ready to move in, of course. This makes studying fun and you can concentrate on your studies.

Study opportunities in Aachen

If you want to study in Aachen, you can’t avoid these universities: the Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule, known as RWTH, and the Aachen University of Applied Sciences, or FH Aachen for short.

With a full nine faculties, RWTH Aachen offers the most common subject areas of a classic university: Architecture, Natural Sciences, Computer Science and Mathematics, Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, Geo-resources and Materials Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Philosophy, Economics and Medicine. Thus, you can choose your suitable bachelor’s or master’s degree program from more than 100 courses or complete your state examination in medicine. The focus here is on imparting practical knowledge in conjunction with current research. As you can see, it is no surprise that RWTH Aachen University enjoys a particularly good reputation both nationally and internationally, and that easily rubs off on the students. After all, this is where inquisitive minds are prepared for their future challenges and careers in science or the industry.

Those who do not belong to the 45,000 students at the RWTH Aachen and like it a little more contemplative can also study at the FH Aachen, whereby it is also one of the largest universities of applied sciences in Germany with 14,500 students. The focus of studies are in architecture and design, engineering, natural sciences, mathematics and computer science, health sciences, and economics and law. You can complete your bachelor’s or master’s degree in approximately 90 courses of study at Aachen University of Applied Sciences, either full-time, part-time or as a dual course of study.

But that is not all: if you are interested in the fields of social work and cooperation management, you should stop by katho Aachen, the Aachen location of the Catholic University of Applied Sciences of North Rhine-Westfallen.
As you can see: There is quite a wide range of studies waiting for you in Aachen, leaving almost no wish free. But life does not just consist of your presence in the lecture hall and poring over books in the library. Let yourself be surprised by what students can experience in and around Aachen.

Student life in Aachen

Aachen has a lot to offer – not only its proximity to the Netherlands and Belgium. The history of the city, which dates back to the Roman times, runs like a thread through the picturesque city center. This is characterized by the impressive Aachen Cathedral, but also by the Pontviertel, the lively student quarter of the city. Of course, the offer is oriented towards the many students who seek a balance to the university stress in Aachen’s student pubs, bars, restaurants, and cafés. Aachen also has a great cultural offer: various galleries, museums and theaters are waiting for your visit and bring variety into the university daily life. If, on the other hand, you are looking for peace, relaxation, and wellness, pay a visit to the impressive Carolus Therme and enjoy the healthy thermal water in Roman flair. However, if you are more of a “visit the countryside” type of person, you will be delighted with the nearby Eifel National Park. In addition, there are many large cities in the German state of North Rhine-Westfallen that you can visit from Aachen, including Cologne, Düsseldorf or Bonn. But that is by far not all: We have summarized more day trips for Aachen and the surrounding area for you in a separate article.

Conclusion: Studying in Aachen is top

Not only is Aachen considered a career hotbed for science and business – the good reputation of the universities immediately enhances your resume. You can certainly enjoy yourself in Aachen by exploring a lot of facets of the city and all that at a relatively low cost of living. If you are not quite sure about the right course of study, our blog post tips for selecting the right study program will certainly help you.