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Why study in Wroclaw

Are you ready to take on a new adventure? Then how about studying or spending a semester abroad in Poland? Admittedly: Wroclaw is not the most popular destination for students. But it will surprise you in every way. It’s not for nothing that many students simply stay here after their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

8 reasons to study or spend a semester abroad in Wroclaw

We are absolutely certain: you will not regret studying in Wroclaw and you will never stop being amazed. Here you can find out why so many students are drawn to the East and why Wroclaw is more than just a good decision.

1) Wroclaw is the Venice of Poland

Wroclaw is a metropolis that is certainly not stingy with charms. However, the European Capital of Culture for 2016 is nowhere near as crowded as other well-known tourist magnets. Wroclaw, Polish for Wroclaw, is said to be one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe. This makes it an absolute insider tip – not only for travellers and tourists, but also for students. And that is no coincidence. The numerous water canals, green spaces and thousands of years of history characterise life in the city on the Oder. No fewer than five rivers run through Wroclaw, creating a unique cityscape similar only to that of Venice. The more than 100 quaint bridges and old alleyways in the city centre invite you to take long walks. It’s definitely a welcome change from the stress of university life.

2) The pleasant climate in Wroclaw

In terms of climate, the comparison with romantic Venice is not far off. For those who immediately think of cool, damp weather when they think of Poland will be proven wrong. Wroclaw is one of the warmest cities in the country. In winter, the thermometer rarely reads below zero. In summer, on the other hand, you can look forward to pleasant maximum temperatures of 25 degrees in Wroclaw.

3) The perfect city for students - not too big and not too small

Poland’s fourth-largest city is home to around 640,000 people. This means that distances are short and you have many options at your disposal. In addition, Wroclaw certainly lives up to the claim of being a student city. Around 20 per cent of the people living here are actually students. This means that the city’s services are geared towards young people on a limited budget. There is something going on in Wroclaw every day of the week – the city’s many pubs, bars and bars make sure of that. And you’ve probably heard about the unbeatably low beer prices in Poland. So there’s certainly no shortage of party life in Wroclaw.

4) There are many universities and study programmes in Wroclaw

Even if the nightlife is tempting, your studies should not be neglected. There are plenty of opportunities in the capital of Lower Silesia. Wroclaw is not considered the academic centre of Poland without reason. There are no less than 24 universities in Wroclaw and over 400 different courses of study. But it is not only the range of courses on offer that attracts many students, but also the attractive admission requirements. And thanks to the good study conditions, it won’t be difficult for you to quickly find your way around the city and the university. You can find out even more about studying in Wroclaw in our article Wroclaw Student City Guide.

5) The internationality of the city

If you spend a semester abroad or your entire studies in Wroclaw, you definitely won’t be the only person with a different nationality. Around one-sixth of the registered population in Wroclaw comes from abroad, making the city highly international. Therefore, you will certainly find your way around with your English skills. However, a few Polish words certainly won’t hurt.

6) Good job opportunities after graduation

Many people appreciate the advantages of the city so much that they simply stay after graduation. The career prospects offered by Wroclaw and the surrounding area make this easier. Many international companies are located in and around Wroclaw, which are happy to have excellently trained professionals.

7) High recreational value at a low cost of living

Living in Wroclaw is comparatively inexpensive, making hobbies and leisure activities affordable even for students. That’s why you don’t have to spend every penny twice when organising your lecture-free time. And that’s something to savour: in addition to the amenities of the Old Town and the exciting nightlife, there is also a lot to do in Wroclaw in terms of culture. Various festivals and performances bring the city to life throughout the year. Other highlights such as the Century Hall, the Botanical Garden or the numerous museums are also waiting for your visit.

8) In the heart of Europe: The proximity to other big cities

If you want to breathe in some more big-city air, you can get there very quickly and have a few cities to choose from. The border to Germany is about 160 kilometres away from Wroclaw. Dresden can be reached in less than 3 hours and Berlin takes about 4 hours, similar to Prague. But Poland also has many other gems to offer. Weekend trips to Warsaw and Krakow are also easy to plan. That sounds like enough variety, doesn’t it?

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