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Living in a student hall of residence: Info and tips

Living in a hall of residence or in a room in a shared flat? Students are spoilt for choice. It is therefore all the more important that you inform yourself well beforehand. This is the only way to know whether living in a student hall of residence is right for you. We’ll show you what you can look forward to as a resident in a student hall of residence and what options are available to you.

How do you live in a student hall of residence?

Life in a student hall of residence depends on the room layout and the facilities in the hall of residence. The university is usually in the immediate vicinity, which is why student halls of residence are very popular with many students. In addition, you can quickly come into contact with other students.

Many student halls of residence offer individual rooms with shared kitchens. Community Standard Apartments at the MILESTONE location Aachen West Neubau, for example, are designed so that you share the bathroom and kitchen with one other person. Our community flats in MILESTONE Wrocław Ołbin in Wrocław include up to 4 shared rooms in one accommodation unit. It’s definitely not boring here and it’s cheaper too.

Loft, Deluxe, Standard or Balcony flats, on the other hand, are occupied by you alone. This promises even more privacy and living comfort. In all cases, the remaining common rooms ensure that the community is not neglected.

Residence furnishings

The furnishings in student halls of residence vary greatly. Some have individual flats with a bathroom and a large communal kitchen. Others provide additional communal living space.

Living comfort is a top priority at MILESTONE. All flats therefore have sufficient daylight and high-quality designer furniture. These include:

  •  Single or double bed
  •  Wardrobe and storage space
  •  Seating options
  •  Writing desk
  •  safe

You will also find a practical and fully equipped kitchen and a modern bathroom in every accommodation unit. And best of all, you can save yourself the trouble of lugging boxes around. With the Eat and Live package, we provide you with everything you need when you move in: from bed linen to kitchen utensils. After all, we want you to feel at home with us from day one.

The feel-good factor is not only ensured by stylishly furnished flats, but also by other rooms that are shared by all students. The extras we surprise you with depend on the location. For example, many MILESTONE student residences have an in-house gym, laundry room and club room. MILESTONE Vienna Campus even boasts a roof terrace and car sharing directly in the neighbourhood. As you can see, MILESTONE leaves (almost) nothing to be desired.

MILESTONE Wroclaw Olbin Apartment LOFT for one

How much does living in a student hall of residence cost?

How much it costs to live in a student hall of residence depends on the furnishings and the category of the flat. If you prefer to live all by yourself, the entire flat will of course cost more than if you share the kitchen and bathroom with others. The country and the booking period also play an important role in terms of costs. Other services such as Wi-Fi and cleaning are included in the rent at MILESTONE.

How do I get a place in a student hall of residence?

Applying for a place in a hall of residence is often a basic requirement. At MILESTONE, you can easily view and book the flat of your choice online. Don’t forget that student halls of residence are in high demand. That’s why you should get to grips with the topic of student housing early on.

5 tips for living in a student hall of residence

Every beginning is difficult. This also applies to life in a student hall of residence. You often leave your family, pets and friends behind and have to get used to the new rhythm of your studies. Homesickness can quickly set in. But with these tips, you’ll quickly settle in.

1) Reduce compromises when it comes to living: It all comes down to your must-haves

When choosing your hall of residence and room category, think carefully about what your absolute must-haves are. You can get used to some things over time. But you won’t get used to other things. Therefore, it is even more important that you think about your needs before you make the decision.

2) Get rid of your prejudices: Get involved in something new

You couldn’t imagine living in a student hall of residence until now? Then let yourself be surprised. MILESTONE flats are designed to give you the privacy and quiet you need to study and meet other people at the same time, if that’s what you want. It’s the perfect combination of your own flat and a room in a shared flat.

3) Decorating and co.: Personalise your room

As practical as it is that you will find fully furnished flats with us: You only really feel at home when your room is personally decorated and furnished. Creativity never hurts when it comes to combating homesickness. Read our article for more tips on how to combat homesickness during your studies.

4) Get out and meet other students

Living in a student hall of residence means that you can spend your free time with other students from the building. For example, meet your neighbour for a workout at the on-site gym or have a cool party with others in the club room.

5) Rule number 1: Be considerate and help each other out.

Consideration is important in every form of living together, even in a student hall of residence. This way you avoid conflicts and have a relaxed life yourself. Take advantage of the community and help each other – for example, when studying or when the fridge is empty again. Many things are easier when you work together.

5 advantages of living in a student hall of residence

There are many advantages to living in a student hall of residence. We have summarised the most important ones for you here. See for yourself.

1) Meet new people

In a student hall of residence you will quickly get to know new people. This helps you settle in quickly and you can get tips from the others. This makes the start of your studies and student life even more fun.

2) Inexpensive and central accommodation even in expensive cities

Student halls of residence are usually very central and close to the university or college. Cheap housing is also a big problem in many cities. Student halls of residence, on the other hand, are affordable for students. Living in a hall of residence saves money and a lot of time. You can put both to good use during your studies.

3) Packages and prices in student halls of residence

In your own flat, you have to take care of all your expenses yourself. In a hall of residence, you simply pay a package price. At MILESTONE, electricity, water, WLAN and cleaning are included.

4) Move in without moving furniture

When they start their studies, students have better things to do than furnish their flats. This not only costs a lot of money, but is also time-consuming. Especially during a semester abroad or if you are travelling a long way, you can only bring a small amount of luggage with you. So it’s good if you can just move in and find everything you need to feel at home right away.

5) Accommodation for every taste

The different room categories allow you to live the way you want: either alone or with others. Discover all MILESTONE locations in Europe now.

Conclusion: Is a student hall of residence for me?

Living in a hall of residence will be a pleasure if you take advantage of the benefits and are open to a new experience. Still need some help deciding? Then take a look at our blog post “Living alone – advantages over shared flats”.