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Living Alone: 6 Reasons Why It´s THE BEST Way to Live

7. September 2020, TIPS

With the start of the new academic year, many students are going to live away from home for the first time in their lives. While sharing a flat/dorm is the ever-popular option, many students will decide to go solo. Here are 6 reasons why living alone is the right way to do it.

1. Peace and Quiet

Even though the quietness might scare you at first and will make you feel a bit lonely, trust us, you´ll get used to it in less than a week and you´ll absolutely LOVE IT. Want to watch TV in peace? There´s no one vacuuming in front of you right when your favorite show starts. Do you have to study for that important test? Well now you can, because there´s no roommate/sibling who decided to give his new progressive death metal album a listen right when you start to concentrate. Going home after a rough day at college/work? Now you can look forward to it, because there´ll be no one asking you questions and annoying you because ´´it´s your turn to wash the dishes´´ as soon as you open the door. Also, no need to worry about sleepless nights, because on the nights you really want to get a good night´s sleep, there will be no impromptu party your roommate organized 2 hours earlier at your flat/dorm to keep you awake.

2. Do Whatever You Want

Living alone also gives you the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want it. Listening to loud music while you prepare your breakfast? Sure! You´re not disturbing anyone because there´s no one there! Are you ever so bored at 8 pm that you just decide to vacuum the entire apartment? Ain´t nobody going to give you a hard time because they can´t sleep! You can be loud when you want to (mostly), leave the dirty dishes in the sink and not touch them for the next 3 days (we´ve all been there, let´s be honest with ourselves), discard your clothes wherever you want (who needs a shelf when you have that one chair, right?). If you want to clean the apartment, you can; if you´re not really feeling like it, nobody is going to hold it against you. Whatever you do or don´t want to do, the choice is yours!

3. Decorate Your Apartment However You Like

You may think that interior design is not really that important to you, but when your roommate brings in yet another vintage ceramic doll and puts it on the living room shelf with 10 others, you´ll probably freak out (if you didn´t freak out already because those dolls are always staring at you). This is one of the problems you don´t have to worry about when you live by yourself. Let your creative juices flow and get decorating! Your apartment is your blank canvas, where you can express yourself in whichever way you like- whether it´s putting fairy lights everywhere, creating your own art and hanging it on the walls, getting involved in some DIY projects, or just having a good excuse for a shopping day at IKEA and spending a little (read: a lot) more money than you´re supposed to.

We know that the ability to express yourself is very important to you. That´s why our apartments at MILESTONE offer you a blank canvas so you can truly do that and make the apartment uniquely yours!

4. Have Your Own Schedule

When you´re sharing an apartment with roommates, you usually have a whole range of rules and schedules you need in order to make living together possible. Still, these rules will always put someone at a disadvantage, and sometimes it´s going to be you. Schedules are also one of the most common reasons behind many roommate disagreements. ´´Whose turn is it to take out the garbage? Why didn´t you vacuum the apartment this week? I do more stuff around here than you! ´´ – are just some of the common reasons you´ll have daily run-ins with your roommates. When you live alone, surely, you have to do all the tasks yourself, but you create your own schedule and your own set of house rules. You are your own boss. But just remember, with great power comes great responsibility!

5. Learn to Be Responsible

Even though it sometimes really seems like your roommate´s only purpose on this Earth is to annoy you, they can still be helpful sometimes. For example, when it comes to sharing responsibilities, whether it´s the responsibility of cleaning the apartment or paying the bills, your roommate really comes in handy. But once you´ve chosen to live alone, suddenly all the responsibilities fall on your shoulders. You have to buy your own food and supplies, cook, clean and that, all on your own! Living alone will certainly make one grow up faster.

6. Get to Know Yourself Better

Once you start living alone, you will learn things about yourself that you never realized before. You will have time to reflect on your own needs and your own likes and dislikes, and you´ll also have more time and peace to focus on your well-being and happiness. Most importantly, you will learn how to go through your minor and major upsets in life (for example, disappointments in love) without roommates armed with napkins and buckets of Ben & Jerry´s at your disposal. You will become stronger and a much more independent person, which will later help you in choosing the right friends and SOs, because you´ll know that you can deal with life on your own and don´t have to depend on anyone else for that.

While living alone can definitely be challenging at times, we believe that at the end it´s a great option, as you´ll be able to have your peace of mind while also learning how to be responsible and grab life by the horns. But should you miss that community feeling, worry not, because at MILESTONE you´ll have the peace and luxury of your own apartment while still being part of a large, colorful community!



Nikolina is our Sales and Marketing Intern. She´s an old soul who spends her free time listening to Sinatra and watching old movies. Her dream is to move to New York and make a career in show business.

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