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Tidy up properly: Tips for students

Between lectures, studying and part-time jobs, there’s one thing that students often neglect: tidying up their own four walls. You moved into your MILESTONE apartment some time ago and now you want to tidy up? Then you’ll find lots of tips here for clearing up your mess and making yourself feel right at home.

9 tips for proper tidying up

Procrastination is not just about preparing for exams, but also about cleaning out and tidying up. It is postponed until the refrigerator houses many expired things or there is a big mess in the closet. Yes, getting rid of clutter is easier said than done. But with these tips, you’ll work through your mess quickly and soon be enjoying your neat, clean apartment:

1) Plan your plan.

Getting fed up with clutter or expecting visitors and want to get started quickly now? As gratifying as your drive may be, we don’t recommend spontaneous cleanups! Depending on how much of a mess you’ve made, it can quickly become demotivating and overwhelming. First, think about what major construction sites can be found in an apartment. Make a note of all the areas that need to be cleaned up and set clear priorities. Now work with this to-do list to help you structure your tidying plan.

2) Start with the biggest chunks

For the quickest results, don’t pick the small corners, but start with the biggest eyesores in your home. This often includes the closet, where there is far too little space or maybe just too many things lying around that you no longer need anyway. Another classic is the desk, which is already drowning in mountains of paper and on which you can’t find anything for a long time. But also the bathroom or the kitchen as a whole are predestined for clutter. So take one area at a time.

3) Always work from top to bottom

If you have to clean up an entire room, make space on the floor first. This way you can move around the room easily and have enough space. Then start working your way down from the top. Start at the top shelf, then work your way down through the available storage areas to the floor. Only when the floor is clear and tidy have you finished your work.

4) Keep yourself motivated

Especially if you have a longer cleanup ahead of you, you may need to keep yourself entertained. Music and snacks can help keep your spirits up. Take breaks in between and check off each area you’ve completed on your to-do list. Reward yourself with your favorite meal or a nice evening out after work is done.

5) Sort out consistently

As you clean up, you’re likely to find many things that have long since been forgotten. Bought at some point, they have disappeared into the closet and have been pushed to the back corner over time. The greater the surprise, what treasures come to light when cleaning up. Time to clean out! Ask yourself about these items or pieces of clothing, when you last used them and whether they really bring you joy. Often the answer to the question, “Should I keep it or give it away?” comes naturally. What you no longer need, but is still in good shape, you can of course sell or give away. Keep the saying “less is more” in mind.

6) Create enough storage space

Small apartments are quickly tidy, but have the disadvantage that you can not accommodate much. Therefore, on the one hand, it is important that you really only store the most necessary things. On the other hand, you should create as much storage space as possible in the living area. For example, get storage baskets for your desk, boxes for shelves, or large boxes that fit under your bed. This will make your apartment look tidier and more spacious.

7) Establish a system of organization

Often, just a few items in the wrong place make small apartments look messy. Once you only have the things you actually use and have provided enough storage options, it’s time to start organizing. Think about how you can best arrange your closet, kitchen and bathroom. This includes that you store everything clearly and can find it quickly. Proven systems include sorting by color in the closet, mini boxes for socks, accessories or belts, and a seasonal wardrobe. Anything you don’t need at this time of year gets stored in the basement or another area to save space.

8) Identify unnecessary storage locations.

Vertical spaces are a welcome invitation for new chaos. The chair in the bedroom, the countertop in the kitchen, and the shelf next to the desk are great places to put things that actually have a permanent place. Take on all surfaces consistently and don’t be afraid to clean out generously. Be sure to check your windowsills and radiators. The next step is to find a way to properly store your stuff instead of repeating the clutter. Because that happens faster than you think.

9) Tidy up regularly: keep the apartment tidy.

It’s easier to tidy up the most important things every day instead of making a big mess once a month. In the evening, make a resolution to go through the apartment once and put everything in the right place. You’ll see that it takes a little motivation at first, but you’ll quickly get used to it. It’s even nicer when you get up in the morning and your apartment is tidy. The positive side effect: You can receive spontaneous visitors and feel comfortable in your own four walls.

5 common mistakes when tidying up

Think you can’t do much wrong when it comes to tidying up and clearing out? Then you’ve come to the right place. You may find that you’ve already made one or two of these mistakes. To save time and enjoy your tidy home for as long as possible, avoid these mistakes:

1) Too much in too little time

If your apartment is overflowing with chaos, you need to clean out or you want to reorganize everything, it is even more important to plan enough time and proceed according to your to-do list. Build yourself enough time buffer and proceed point by point instead of opening 3 construction sites at once. Otherwise, everything may end up in a big mess and your motivation may fail you in the face of disorder.

2) Hang on to the value of items.

Who doesn’t know this: sometimes you get things as a gift that you just can’t do anything with – for example, an expensive perfume that you don’t like at all. Or you bought a pair of jeans that turns out to be a bad buy when you get home. Because of the purchase price, however, you don’t want to give any of it away. So you accumulate over time many things at home that take up space. Actually, you’re just waiting for the time when you can part with them. Do not postpone such decisions unnecessarily. Especially when it comes to expensive items, you can make others happy by giving them away or selling them for a reasonable price.

3) Storing things in the basement

Where do items end up that you rarely need or that you could use, sell or give away someday? In the basement. But there they get forgotten and just gather dust. You should really only use the basement if they are clunky things that you don’t need often, but for which your apartment is too small. Everything else you should give away, sell, or dispose of immediately.

4) Fall back into old patterns.

What people consider messy is very individual. Some are meticulous and find it easier to put everything away after use. For others, a mess has to accumulate before they can get motivated. If you belong to the “chaotic” category, it is not enough to tidy things up properly once. In such a case you have to change your habits. Otherwise, you will face the same challenge again in a few weeks.

5) Avoid unnecessary purchases

Now that your apartment is back in order, do you go shopping on a whim? That is fatal and counterproductive! Enjoy the lightness in your apartment when you have cleaned out and don’t immediately get new things in your house. It’s best to ask yourself if you really need it every time you make a purchase. Stop accumulating items that you know will be given away or thrown away anyway. Plus, you can reduce your plastic waste – these 33 tips for plastic-free living show you how. In general, frugal living is the best starting point for keeping things tidy and saves a lot of money at the same time.



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