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Erasmus Guide: Why a study period abroad makes sense

For many students, a few months abroad are an absolute must before they start their professional life. And the Erasmus+ programme makes it really easy for you to put your plans into practice! Here you’ll find good reasons why you should definitely consider a stay abroad. You’ll also find out why Erasmus study is so popular.


11 good reasons to study Erasmus

The EU created the Erasmus+ programme to support education, sport and youth. With an Erasmus study programme, you can study for up to 12 months in the EU or in a partner country. A traineeship abroad is also funded. Therefore, many advantages await you during a stay abroad, as the following 11 points prove:

1) Financial support during your semester abroad

So that you can start your adventure abroad with peace of mind, the Erasmus programme helps you in the form of a scholarship. It’s not uncommon for the amount to be 500 euros per month, and that’s not so little, right? How much you actually receive depends on the cost of living in the host country.

2) Easy application procedure

Of course, you will have to invest some time in your application and work through a few application steps: Register, check programme criteria, clarify financial conditions and send the application form. Sounds uncomplicated, doesn’t it? What’s more, the conditions for gaining admission to an Erasmus study programme are manageable. So the chances are really good that your efforts will pay off.

3) Different funding opportunities

With the Erasmus+ programme, you have a choice: would you rather enjoy the benefits of a semester abroad and study at another university? Or are you drawn to the world of work to gain professional experience with a company? By the way, if you do an internship abroad, you are entitled to a higher level of support to cover your local costs. And a funded internship is possible even if you already have your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in your pocket.

4) Multiple sponsorships

Can’t decide? You don’t have to. Thanks to the revision of the Erasmus programme, you can get funding more than once. For example, you can do a semester abroad during your Bachelor’s degree. In your Master’s programme, you can then do an internship abroad. However, the university may give preference to other students who have submitted an application for funding for the first time. So it takes a little luck.

5) New cultures, country and people

Travelling is a nice activity. But to really get to know a country, you need to have spent some time there. A semester abroad not only satisfies your wanderlust, but also allows you to immerse yourself in a culture that was previously foreign to you.


6) Improved language skills

It doesn’t matter whether it’s English, Spanish or another language: You learn a language much faster abroad than through courses and books. Take the opportunity to polish your language skills or maybe even learn a whole new foreign language. You will see that you make great progress within a few weeks.

7) Personal development

There are few things more exciting than venturing into another country. After all, the new experiences will rub off on you and your personality. You learn how to deal with difficult situations and find your way in a completely new environment. You will draw on this wealth of experience many times in the future.

8) Convincing in your CV

Students with experience abroad are not only popular because of their language skills. After all, companies are looking for employees who think outside the box and want to achieve something. Those who have been abroad demonstrate independence, flexibility and ambition. Tolerance and sensitivity in dealing with other cultures are also part of it.

9) The best time in life

You wonder why everyone swears by Erasmus studies? The answer is simple: there is hardly a better way to live in another country with little risk. Many students don’t yet have children or other big commitments. That’s why the study period is the ideal time to venture abroad. The Erasmus+ programme also takes away your financial worries. What’s more, you have nothing to lose. If you don’t like it there, you’ll be back home in the foreseeable future without having given up much. Maybe a stay abroad will fit into your life better than you think.

10) Access to research and elite universities

The Erasmus programme aims to promote cooperation and collaboration between universities across national borders. And of course you will benefit from this! You might gain new scientific knowledge through a stay abroad. In addition, other subjects are often offered that are not available at your university. If you would otherwise be denied access to a particularly renowned university, you have a much better chance of fulfilling this dream with an Erasmus study programme. What’s more, you don’t even have to pay tuition fees, which can be high, especially at elite universities.

11) Network and make contacts

If you don’t know anyone, it might be a bit stressful at first. But if you’re on your own, you’ll quickly make connections – for example, in classes, sports courses or at parties. It’s human nature to socialise. The good thing about it is that new acquaintances can sometimes lead to important professional contacts. In addition, deep friendships that enrich one’s life are formed time and again abroad.

Conclusion: With the Erasmus+ programme, a stay abroad is a cinch

Admittedly: It does take a bit of courage to study or work in another country. There’s also a lot to organise, such as moving into a flat. But it’s worth the effort – I promise! Make it easy on yourself and browse through our MILESTONE destinations for your time abroad. We have also created an overview of the perfect places for a semester abroad.



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