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what we stand for

Homes are for people and this is at the core of our design principle.

Everything we design puts our students centre stage.

Whether you need study space on your own or in a group, a gym or a space to hang out with friends.

Whatever your mood, our apartments and community spaces will fit just right.

Our goal is for you to reach your goals.

Our Resident Manager is on-site Monday to Friday during office hours and our maintenance team is on call 24/7.

Plus with year round events to help you settle, make friends and create memories.

Our mission is to deliver you the best experience, enabling you to achieve your MILESTONE.

life is better in green

We know that our planet is precious and we all have a role to play in protecting it.

Which is why we are continually evaluating our environmental policies to keep us as green as we can be.

What we do

  • Advanced and modern insulation which keeps the heat where it should be – in or out
  • LED light fittings throughout each property
  • Energy and Water Saving elements built in as standard in all apartments
  • A green roof powered by the sun – our own green electricity
  • Greywater treatment – recycling water to use in the loo
  • Transferring to ecological cleaning products – no nasty chemicals

What we support you to do

  • Save Energy
  • Recycle and Reuse
  • Centrally located to reduce the need for transport
  • Saving water bills