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Your Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking for more information about how to book safely with our MILESTONE Safe Booking Guarantee?

3 easy steps to your new MILESTONE apartment! On our website, simply click the ‘BOOK NOW’ button, select your apartment, reserve and then you’re done.

Keep your hopes up and put yourself on the waitlist via mail! E-Mail adresses for each house can be found on the respective location pages. As soon as one becomes available, we will inform you via email right away.

Please note that our prices vary seasonally. We offer great promotions every now and then, so follow us on social media to make sure you don’t miss out! Furthermore, our prices are divided into new booker prices for new residents and renewal prices. This way we want to make sure that our Milestoners always get the best possible price!

We can totally understand that everyone has distinct necessities. That’s why we’ve created different apartment ‘types’ that you can select during the booking process, according to your needs.

ASP stands for Allgemeine Servicepauschale. In the case of any damage -which can happen sometimes- that nobody can be held responsible for, we jump in all together to resolve the issue. After all, we are a community. We thank you in advance for understanding where we are coming from and for providing a small donation once a year. This way, we don’t need to turn a small situation into something larger than necessary.

When you book an apartment, the one-time fee covers the administrative work that is entailed. This is also know as good ol’ paper work.

This fee covers the cost of booking the actual apartment as well as data management, which of course, is in line with the new DSGVO standards.

Once you are ready to spread your wings and leave the apartment, the fee covers the cost of cleaning so that we can hand over the apartment to the next Milestoner in tip-top shape. That way, they can move into an apartment that is fresh, clean, sparkly and wonderful, just as you did.

First of all, we don’t touch that money. Rather, it is held in reserve. In the case of any damages or outstanding payments, the deposit acts as a security guarantee.

When your contract with us has come to an end and we must sadly go our separate ways, simply fill out the security deposit return form, which we are happy to help with, in order to ensure the process is fast and uncomplicated. Within two months, you will receive your security deposit, with interest, minus any outstanding fees or fees for damages.

First and foremost, get excited! We definitely are. In most cases, the first of the month is usually the move-in date. After greeting you, we will show you around the whole complex or your new home and handover the most important thing -the key to your kingdom. If you would like to move in on another day: not an issue! Please just communicate that with us in advance. Mondays-Fridays are possible.

You don’t have to bring much else with you other than yourself, and enthusiasm for a stylish designer-home base and meeting new people from all over the world! Bringing your own bedsheets will ensure that you feel right at home. While you’re at it, don’t forget to bring your toiletries and kitchen utensils.

Very important! In order to become an official Milestoner, please remember to register at the local register office. We are happy to provide assistance with the any forms, signatures, questions or other official procedures.

Every citizen is required by law to register their current address. But it’s a nice official way to also celebrate the beginning of a new chapter or milestone in your life. Feels good doesn’t it?

Unfortunately not, as convenient as that would be. We prefer to have someone on location upon arrival so that we can personally greet you and show/ tell you everything there is to know. However, if you know someone, it is possible to organise an appointment in which they can pick up the key for you so that you can move in more flexibly.

No worries, just come by the office or let your Resident Manager know via email.

You can conveniently pay by direct debit within the first few days of every month.

We would love to have you stay longer! Every spring, we release the latest rental rates for the coming academic year. You then have till the end of May to apply for an extension of your contract.

Generally, we have tailored the apartment to you, or more specifically, one individual. If you would like to share your bed once in a while, just inform your Resident Manager via Email. However, in the case of guests who regularly stay overnight, this is unfortunately not allowed.

Our concept: all-in rent. Included in the costs of your fully-furnished apartment are your utilities such as water, electricity, heating, as well as unlimited internet usage and the basic cleaning of the apartment once a month.

Variables within prices depend on the location and it’s individual features. For example, learning lounges, an in-house gym, a rooftop terrace, a garden, or even party room.

Curious? Click here to check out our different locations.

The World Wide Web is available to you around the clock and without charge. Download as much as you like as there is no data limit either. When it comes down to it, we too, are passionate surfers and all costs are incorporated within your all-in rent.

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