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Early Booker Special

Let’s be honest – despite the hype about cleaning hacks on TikTok and Insta these days, there are so many better things to do in your free time than cleaning.

We’ve put together a few ideas for you on what you can experience at MILESTONE in the time you would normally spend cleaning:

You are...

  • rather a quiet type? No problem, just chill on the roof terrace, in the garden or in the living room lobby.
  • a very communicative person? Visit one of the many community events, there’s something for everyone – from beer pong tournaments to cooking evenings with Milestoners from all over the world or movie nights!
  • a sports fan? Then head to the in-house gym to work out or do yoga (in good weather, this also works great on the roof terrace or in the garden).
  • full of energy? Explore the city – thanks to our locations, you’ll be at all the city’s hotspots in just a few minutes.
  • keen to travel? Then MILESTONE Passport is the right choice for you! Pack your suitcase and spend up to 2 weeks per year for free at another MILESTONE location of your choice – how about Portugal or Rotterdam?

As you can see, there’s a bunch of great alternatives that sounds SO much better than spending your precious time cleaning.

That’s why we’ve come up with something special for all you early birds.

Usually, our prices include a monthly cleaning. To give you more time for the good things in life, we’ll include the weekly cleaning of your apartment* if you book an apartment with MILESTONE until July 31st 2022!

Book now!

*Bookable until July 31st 2022 incl. weekly cleaning and MILESTONE Passport Programme (subject to availability). For alternative contract durations or the rate without weekly cleaning please contact us at connect@milestone.net. Please note: Booking the weekly cleaning as an additional service would cost 49 € (package price subject to inflation), whereas the Early Booker price already includes a weekly cleaning, which indicates the cost saving of almost 30 €!

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