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Wroclaw Students City Guide

An exciting, varied ambience, yet inexpensive and international: we are talking about Wroclaw. Not only that the metropolis in Lower Silesia with its many sights is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland. It is and remains an absolute insider tip – for tourists, but also for students who are planning their semester abroad or want to complete their entire studies abroad. If you still need help with your choice of study or with your decision, you will find convincing arguments here why you can really enjoy yourself in Wroclaw. Those who have made up their minds can look forward to plenty of tips for their adventure to heighten their anticipation.

Your start in Wroclaw: Arrival and accommodation

At the very beginning, of course, an important question arises: What is the best way to travel to Wroclaw and where do you sleep? The answer: There are many possibilities! Although Wroclaw is not a city of millions, it is well connected to the international transport network. The main travel options include:

1) Arriving by train

Whether you’re traveling from Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, or Poland itself, the train is definitely a good mode of transportation to Wroclaw. In about 4 hours you will be in Berlin, in 4,5 hours in Prague or with the night train in 7 hours in Vienna and vice versa. At the same time, arriving by train feels like time travel. That’s because Wroclaw Glówny, Wroclaw’s main train station, was completed in 1857 and completely restored in 2012. The impressive result is something to be proud of.

2) Arrival by bus

Right next to the train station, in a shopping center, is the Dworzec Autobusowy bus station. Well-known long-distance bus providers take you to Wroclaw and back from many European hotspots. You can even travel by bus to France or Croatia without changing buses. Comfortable, isn’t it?

3) Travel by car

Do you prefer to travel by your own car? Then you should inform yourself beforehand about parking in Wroclaw. Parking in the city is not free of charge. With a carpool you can save yourself the time-consuming search for a parking space.Do you prefer to travel by your own car? Then you should inform yourself beforehand about parking in Wroclaw. Parking in the city is not free of charge. With a carpool you can save yourself the time-consuming search for a parking space.

4) Arrival by plane

Alternatively, you can conveniently fly to Wroclaw if you have a longer trip ahead of you. Wroclaw Airport (WRO), located west of the city, connects you with major European cities and popular vacation destinations. From the airport, a bus will take you to the city center. The express bus is the fastest option at 30 minutes.

5) Accommodation in Wroclaw

As in any city with many students, the housing market in Wroclaw is tight. Even though the cost of living in Poland is significantly lower than in other European countries, affordable housing is in high demand. During your studies in Wroclaw you can live in a shared apartment or move into a student dormitory. If you don’t want to miss out on living comfort, MILESTONE Wrocław Ołbin is the right place for you. Your own kitchen and bathroom with modern furniture are part of the basic equipment, whether you move into a standard room, a loft, deluxe or community apartment for two. The proximity to the university, the Uniwersytet Wrocławski, is a winning argument.

Getting around Wrocław

In a foreign city, you first have to find your way around. In Wrocław, you can do this especially well by taking long walks. The beautiful old town virtually invites you to do so, and the distances are relatively short. And if you need to get around more quickly? Then the local transport in Wroclaw is always at your service. You can find out which bus and streetcar connection is the right one via Jakdojade. For students there is a cheap semester ticket, the so-called Urbancard. If you prefer to pedal instead, you can do so in Wroclaw – either with your own bike or with a rented bike. The bicycle is a popular means of transportation in Wroclaw. The system for renting a bike works just like common car sharing services, which of course also exist in Wroclaw. You can also order a cab or use the widespread ride services, which you simply order via app. As you can see, there are so many ways to get around the city that you can get to your destination quickly at any time of the day.

Sights and cultural attractions in Wroclaw

One thing is clear: If you decide to study abroad, you want to experience something and not just sit at a desk. We promise you that you will be completely inspired by this city. After all, Wroclaw bears the venerable title of “Capital of Culture 2016”. It is not without reason that the great offer still attracts people from near and far, as the following sightseeing tips prove:

1) The Old Town in Wroclaw with the Rynek square and the Town Hall

When you head to the colorful Rynek, you’ll be standing right in the heart of Wroclaw. From here you can admire the city’s history and incredible architecture. More than 60 picturesque old buildings adorn the square and make you dive into another world. An important highlight is the old town hall, whose history dates back to the 13th century. In addition, you can admire many different churches. Our tip: Make yourself comfortable in one of the many restaurants or cafes. Because here you can admire the hustle and bustle and the unique atmosphere of the place best.

2) The Wroclaw Dwarfs

The somewhat different scavenger hunt with a political symbolism against communism – that’s what the many dwarfs in Wroclaw stand for. According to sources, between 300 and 500 different bronze statues can be found throughout the city, including a selfie gnome and an entire orchestra of gnomes. However, the exact number is not known. That makes it all the more fun when you keep going on the dwarf hunt or discover the figures quite by accident. At the same time you can explore the city and get to know new corners of Wroclaw.

3) The University of Wroclaw with the Aula Leopoldina

Even the sight from the outside is worth a visit and gives you an idea of the great age of this venerable building. The University of Wroclaw is over 200 years. The impressive Aula Leopoldina is one of the largest baroque halls in Europe. Particularly striking for the room is the pompous ceiling painting and the magnificent stucco decoration. In the hall, time simply seems to have stood still. Nevertheless, ceremonies such as the matriculation of new students still take place here. In addition, you can convince yourself of the magnificent acoustics at a concert.

4) The Sand Island and the Cathedral Island with the Wroclaw Cathedral

Due to the many water canals, there are several islands in Wroclaw, which are connected with romantic bridges. Right near the university there are the Sand Island and the Cathedral Island (Ostrow Tumski). The latter, as the oldest part of the city, is an extraordinary sight, housing the Wroclaw Cathedral. This part of the city is said to have existed for over 1,000 years. You can get a particularly beautiful view of the area from the top of the cathedral tower. Afterwards, you can take a leisurely stroll through the nearby botanical garden.

5) Museums in Wroclaw

If you are interested in culture, art and history, you will get your money’s worth in Wroclaw. The National Museum, located on the banks of the Oder River, with its more than 200,000 works of art, is worth seeing, as is the largest painting in Poland, the Panorama of Raclawice in the museum of the same name. Other well-known museums in Wroclaw are the Museum of the Archdiocese (Cathedral Island), the City Museum (Wroclaw City Castle) or the Natural History Museum of the University of Wroclaw.

6) Off to the countryside: Szczytnicki Park, Japanese Garden and the Centennial Hall

Do you like to spend your time outdoors? Then you can’t miss Szczytnicki Park, which covers over 100 hectares. In addition to extensive walks in the greenery, for example through the Japanese Garden, you can also admire some sights in the park. These include, for example, the Century Hall, a small inconspicuous wooden church or the imposing Wroclaw Fountain.


7) Alternative flair in hip Nadodrze

If you want to see something different, you have to visit the northern district of Nadodrze. Between street art, handicrafts and other artistic trends, you’ll find plenty of alternative and culinary options like vegan cafes and stores with organic or fair trade products.

Restaurants and bars: Going out in Wroclaw

In Wroclaw, you’re likely to be out and about so much that it’s going to take some discipline not to neglect your studies. From quaint private breweries to casual jazz venues, you can find just about anything students crave.

1) Polish dishes: If you like it meaty and hearty, you’ll find it in Polish cuisine. Around the market square and in the old town, there are many restaurants that serve Polish cuisine and spoil you with culinary delights. Among them, for example, the restaurant Dwór Polski, the Kurna Chata or the particularly affordable bar Mleczny.
2) Vegetarian and vegan cuisine: Meanwhile, there are enough restaurants and cafes in Wroclaw that serve plant-based alternatives. On the list you can’t miss Vega restaurant right on the Market Square or Bez Lukru nearby.
3) Events at Neon Side: The name says it all. Over 30 neon lights make the Neon Side gallery shine in new splendor in the dark. Here you can drink, dance and have lots of fun.

4) Craft beer and private breweries: Beer is a tradition in Poland and thirsty people won’t be left high and dry for long in the city. If you’re studying in Wroclaw, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to hit them all up one by one. While there, be sure to stop by Browar Stu Mostów, Targowa Craft Beer and Food, or AleBrowar.

5) More nightlife tips in Wroclaw:

The city on the Oder River is home to a great pub scene. Pubs as far as the eye can see. That’s Wroclaw! A classic is the famous Art Cafe Kalambur or the Prewar. But also jazz clubs and cocktail bars can be found. Among them, for example, the Vertigo Jazz Club or the 360 degree bar Max & Dom Whiskey. Other typical Wroclaw bars can be found in the area of the so-called railroad embankment. While you are enjoying your cold beer, you can feel the vibration of the moving trains. If that’s not unique?

Shopping possibilities: Shopping in Wroclaw

In Poland you pay with Złoty and get much more for your money than in other countries of Western Europe. This is a welcome relief for the meager piggy bank of students. You can get food at the supermarket or at one of the many marketplaces, where locals offer their local goods at spot prices. The Hala Targowa market hall is particularly popular. At some markets you can get even more than fresh vegetables or dairy products. At the EkoBazar, for example, you can enjoy a delicious breakfast every Saturday after shopping. At the Świebodzki flea market, on the other hand, you can find almost anything: from regional products to antiques. In the evening, you can end the day at the nearby night market and buy something to eat and drink in one of the many restaurants. But of course, Wroclaw also has shopping malls and modern shopping centers like the Renoma or the Arkady in the city center. So nothing stands in the way of one or the other shopping tour in Wroclaw.

Conclusion: Wroclaw is a real insider tip for studying

Those who live in Wroclaw are convinced of the great qualities of the city. It is no surprise that so many students from abroad come to Poland. The somewhat unimpressive reputation does not at all do justice to the impressive metropolis. Find out more about studying in Wroclaw and the 8 good reasons to come here.