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Tips on how to kill your boredem

24. March 2020, GENERAL, TIPS

Does everything feel like it has been turned upside down? What happened to the days of group jogging and brunching with friends? We are going to provide you with a few tips for activities, which you can do within your own four walls, to ensure that boredom simply has no space in your life.

First thing’s first: With such limited contact to others, it’s important to self-discipline and structure your days with a plan. Yes, that means not sleeping in till noon every day and mindlessly watching Netflix for hours on end. Set yourself some goals or plan a project, whatever helps.

Thanks to technology, there are endless possibilities for what you can do with your time at home, all it takes is a little creativity.

So here it is, 12 ways to kill your boredom:

1. Creative Skype calls/Facetime with friends & family

Though we have to practice social distancing for the next time being, apps such as Facetime, WhatsApp and Skype give us the opportunity to hear and see our loved ones, so make sure to help your Grandma and Grandpa install them too!

To spice up the experience, let your creativity run wild: For example, organize a family dinner, where all individuals cook from the same recipe and then eat together in front of their laptops. You can hardly tell the difference.

Brunch with friends on a Sunday? Still do-able!

2. Discover new hobbies

On an average day to day basis, there never seems to be time for new hobbies.

Now the situation has flipped and the possibilities are limitless!

Want to try out painting? Scrap-booking? Arts and Crafts?

Thanks to online shopping, you most likely can receive everything you need without leaving the house.

If you need a little extra guidance, Youtube also offers plenty of tutorials to help you carry out your new project.

3. Clean and organize

Do you have a stack of papers on your desk that only gets bigger? Notes, readings and tests from your classes have a way of getting jumbled during the semester and now you have the chance to bring a little order to it all. This can also be done with your computer, freeing up your mind and some space. What about an overflowing closet? Most of us are guilty of having a closet that is filled with clothes that haven’t seen the light of day in a very LONG time. Keep what you need and maybe think of donating the rest.

Want to learn how to clean and organize like an expert? You can find books and audio books at Thalia.

4. Laugh your ass off

They say laughter is the best medicine but what makes you really laugh?

Do you have a favourite comedian?

Or do you prefer watching bloopers, fail videos and animal videos?

Whatever it may be, a little laughter a day, keeps the doctor away. Youtube has a bunch of laugh-attack videos- click through and find out which ones make you break out into tears.

5. Think about your future goals

Have you ever seriously thought about what your future might look like? Do you have any potential dreams or goals you want to achieve on the way? Being confined to your own four walls gives you the opportunity to take a look at your game plan.

Whether these goals relate to your work or are more personal, work out what you need to do to get where you want to be.

If you click through the App store, there are some great vision-boards or maps which you can take advantage of.

If you prefer to write things down, there is certainly an empty notebook lying around somewhere, waiting to be filled.

6. Re-read your favourite book

Everyone has a favourite book.

With the lack of time, it is rare that you get to dive back into your favourite literary world TWICE.

Now you have the luxury!

7. Do some sport

If physical activity is essential for you to feel balanced, you can simply do a home workout.

Want some extra motivation?

Grab a buddy and train together via Skype or check out the MILESTONE Online Activity calendar in the MILESTONE Community Facebook groups, which is packed with free sport session.

Yoga, strength training or kickboxing are just some of the few workouts which require nothing but some space and if possible, a training mat.

8. Relax by doing a puzzle


If you are feeling a little antsy and want to distract yourself, why not do a puzzle?

Psychologically speaking, the benefits of puzzling include training your short-term memory, increasing your concentration and even boosting your confidence if you manage to finish!

9. Listen to a Podcast


Podcasts have long become a staple of the digital world.

For every topic, there is a corresponding podcast.

If you like them funny, informative or provoking : the choice is yours.

We have put together a list of the best english-speaking Podcasts, so be sure to take a look.


10. Learn a new language

If there has been a language you have been dying to learn, there is no excuse not to now.

With apps such as Duolingo, Babbel or Busuu, you can do so right from the comfort of your own home.

11. Eat well

Despite the circumstances, we are lucky enough to have plenty of provisions and supplies available.

Isn’t this a good excuse to put in the time and effort to make some wholesome meals that you ordinarily wouldn’t?

Try out a new recipe or have a look at come current Food-Trends.

Better yet, test out a new recipe every day with a friend via online communication and see whose dish turns out best!

12. Train your brain with Peak, Sudoku etc.



If our tip about puzzles isn‘t challenging enough for your brain, then try out a classic crossword puzzle or sudoku.

If you don’t have a newspaper at hand, the App Store will once again, have you covered.

As we power through whatever this corona-madness bring us, remember not to wait to see what the day brings you, but to take an active part in shaping your experience.

Try and structure your day and find things to look forward to and before you know it, the feeling of normality will begin to return.

Just remember that we are all in the same boat!

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