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Study in Leoben: The ultimate guide

26. March 2021, EXPLORE, INFO, TIPS

Is quality particularly important to you when choosing your degree programme? Then Leoben might be the place for you. The versatile, yet small town has a reputation with students from all over the world, as a top-class innovation location with a great economy and most importantly: great studying conditions. Here you’ll find out about what you can look forward to …

Living in Leoben

Approximately 28,000 people live in the second largest city, in Styria. This means that distances are always short and you will get to know your way around the place relatively quickly. Nevertheless, where you will be living, plays an important role in how you feel in terms of comfort and wellbeing. As in every city with students, you’ll find offers for one person apartments, shared flats and student residences in Leoben. Rental prices are generally reasonable in Leoben and comparatively low, compared to larger cities. Students who register their main residence in Leoben can even expect a generous subsidy from the city of Leoben.

If you have higher standards for living, as you do with studying, then MILESTONE Leoben Montan might be the right fit for you: Contemporary living -alone or in a shared flat- with a modern kitchen and designer bathroom. The house is also equipped with its own gym, learning rooms and a wonderful view from its roof terrace. To get to the university, all you have to do is cross the Mur river loop over a bridge and you’ll find yourself in front of Montanuniversität in just a few minutes. Around the area, you will also find a variety of shopping facilities, restaurants and cafés.


Studying at the University of Leoben (MU Leoben)

Study under great conditions in a familiar environment and with a unique orientation: The University of Leoben inspires far beyond borders. Additionally, at MU Leoben, you won’t feel like just a face in the crowd, as you will receive helpful and personal support throughout your journey. The university has a capacity of just 4,000 students. It’s no wonder that the university receives the best survey results and clearly stands out from many overcrowded mass universities.

The technical university offers a wide variety of future-oriented courses of study and specialises in the development of new technologies, materials and environmental protection. In addition to a variety of Bachelor’s programmes, you can also do your Master’s or doctorate here. Science, research and practice all have equal weight here. The university is excellently networked and it is not uncommon for students to find a job directly after completing an internship. Graduates of the University of Leoben are definitely in demand in business and often pursue a career in science or research.

If you are not quite sure about what to study or if you have any other questions about studying in Leoben, you can make an appointment via an online counselling option. The best thing about the study programmes offered by the University of Leoben, is that the process is the same for all students in the first year. This means that you can easily switch between different fields of study without losing any time.

You can also get more information about the start of your studies at the HochschülerInnenschaft Leoben.

Leisure activities: Nature at your doorstep

One thing is clear: Leoben is not a city of millions. But that does not mean that there is nothing to experience and discover here. Many big city dwellers certainly don’t have some of the opportunities you do. Hiking trails, challenging climbs and routes that are made to be mountain-biked: All of this is at your doorstep.

The Präbichel mountain range belongs to the district of Leoben and offers a lot of recreational fun. Of course, this includes skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing in the winter. If you’re feeling bold, you can prove your courage at one of largest and most modern rope courses in Austria: Adventure Park Präbichl. If the sky is your limit, you can also try paragliding from Präbichl or gliding at the Leoben sports airfield.

However, its not just the sports enthusiasts who will find a wide range of leisure activities in Leoben. In Leoben and the surrounding region, events for culture enthusiasts are also constantly being organized. In addition to its own art gallery, Leoben also offers a variety of guided tours for the inquisitive. The old town will welcome you in to its cute shops, restaurants and cafés. In need of some relaxation? Asia Spa Leoben is the place to go! Students up to 26 years of age naturally receive reduced admission and can thus enjoy the treat at a particularly low price.

Now what would student life be, between the lecture hall and the library, without parties!? Don’t worry, just because Leoben is small, doesn’t mean there is no nightlife. In the evening, the city’s pubs have a lot to offer and that’s where the charm of studying in Leoben lies: You will get to know your peers faster than you would think.

Conclusion: Quaint but not to be underestimated

Are you thinking about studying in Leoben? Don’t let the small-town image fool you. There must be a reason why students from all corners, have chosen this as their destination. Should you ever crave the big city, you can quickly reach Graz or Vienna by train.

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