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Studying in Graz: Guide

16. July 2021, EXPLORE, INFO, TIPS

Graz is the second largest student city in Austria and is not without reason at the top of many students’ list of favorite cities to study in. Besides the famous Kernöl, Graz is known for one thing above all: for its extensive cultural and recreational offerings. For your personal adventure in Graz, we will provide you with a wide range of important information for students. This includes the surprisingly diverse range of study courses, the broad choices of sporting opportunities and the exciting nightlife. One thing in advance: There are countless reasons why studying in Graz is worthwhile.

Studying in Graz

The Styrian capital has eight universities and a comprehensive range of courses on offer, which is really something to be proud of. It does not matter whether you want to do a bachelor’s or master’s degree or a diploma or doctorate: You are sure to find the right university for your career plans in Graz. You can choose between four universities, two universities of applied sciences and two universities of education:

  • Karl Franzens University, or Uni Graz for short
  • Medical University Graz
  • Graz University of Technology
  • Graz University of Art
  • University of Applied Sciences, also called FH Campus 02
  • FH Joanneum
  • University of Education Styria
  • Ecclesiastical College of Education of the Diocese of Graz-Seckau

The University of Graz alone offers around 120 study degree programs. In addition, you can consider whether you would like to study part-time alongside your job or whether you would prefer to study full-time. With so much on offer, it is hardly surprising that most prospective students find the decision difficult. These tips for choosing a course of study will help you reach your goal more quickly.

Living in Graz

Once you have passed the entrance exam for your desired degree program, it is time to take the next step. In Graz you will find plenty of shared flats and rooms for students, just as you would expect in a real student city. The prices are manageable in comparison. However, many students prefer the privacy of their own four walls. If you do not want to miss out on comfort, you should visit MILESTONE Graz Lend. The modern and fully equipped apartments offer a touch of luxury at affordable and student-friendly prices. The in-house training area and other common rooms ensure that you will quickly make new contacts. So, you start your studies with the best conditions.

Free time in Graz

One thing is for sure: The leisure activities in and around Graz will lure you out at any time of the year. While a visit to the galleries, exhibitions and museums is always a good idea, you will especially appreciate the Mur promenade in summer. If you want to cool off on a particularly hot day, pay a visit to the Schwarzlsee lake south of the city limits and plunge into the cool water. In addition, an excursion to one of the many wine taverns and wine bars, which can be quickly reached from Graz, is a good idea.

Sports in Graz

Sports fans will get their money’s worth in Graz. If you want to keep fit in everyday life, you can, for example, jog in the Leechwald or along the Murpromenade, or go on excursions by bike. The University of Graz also offers its own sports courses. If you like it a bit wilder, you can explore one of the mountain bikes tours on the Schöckl, Graz’s local mountain. Here you can also hike more than 40 kilometers, prove your body control in the motor skills park and admire Graz from above while paragliding. If you are not a fan of high altitudes, but still want to breathe in the mountain air, visit the climbing park right next to the valley station of the cable car. In winter there is a lot for you to discover. Styria has an incredibly large selection of ski resorts.

Student jobs in Graz

With a part-time job during your studies, you gain valuable work experience. In addition, you can increase your piggy bank or even finance your studies. You can find current job offers on the most common job and career portals in Austria. In addition, the Career Center of the University of Graz will help you if you are looking for a suitable job during your studies or if you are planning your career entry. The good thing is that in a city like Graz there are plenty of opportunities to earn money. If you are thinking about waitressing, take a look at the list of the best student jobs. Surely you will find more job prospects other than in guest service or behind the bar.

Finances and financial aid

For most students, money plays a major role and partially a reason for sleepless nights. In addition to the apartment, food, leisure activities and one or two insurances must be paid for. Fortunately, the Alpine country offers various financial aid, scholarships, and other support during your studies. Before you start your studies, find out thoroughly which grants you are entitled to and what the limits are for additional income. The article Study Financing in Austria will give you a good overview. You can also contact the scholarship office in Graz about financing your studies.

Shopping in Graz

The proximity to the countryside is noticeable in Graz. In addition to the usual supermarket chains, you will find many smaller organic stores or farmers’ markets with healthy delicacies from the surrounding area. If you value sustainability, you should stop by the Kaiser-Josef market in downtown Graz. From here you can also start larger shopping tours through the friendly old town.

Cheap food in Graz

The inexpensive lunch menus in the city’s refectories are more than convenient for many students. In addition, many a restaurant offers a lucrative student discount or inexpensive menu for the small purse. So, eating out does not have to remain an exception.

Transportation in Graz

If you want to get from A to B quickly, get a bicycle. In Austria’s most bike-friendly city, it is almost mandatory! Alternatively, you can also use public transportation. This includes more than 20 bus connections, several streetcar lines, and some train routes. If you mainly travel by public transport, you should get the study card or the top ticket.

Party in Graz

Graz is a student city. Consequently, an exciting nightlife awaits you – even during the week! One of the most important party locations is the Univiertel, where you can dive into the nightlife after studying. If you like live music and love jazz, do not miss the Miles. Here you can even attend many concerts for a free donation. And at the end of the summer semester, a special highlight awaits you: the USI Fest with more than 20,000 revelers.



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