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Spotify playlists for studying

Who doesn’t know it: Exams are coming up and with them the studying stress increases day by day. During this time of study, there is an absolute state of emergency. Every tip is helpful to get ahead even better and to keep a cool head. We give you important tips on how to learn more easily and work on your motivation. One tip in advance: The right music should never be missing.

Study tips

There is a lot you can do to increase your concentration while studying. This starts with choosing the right learning method. But good preparation, as our tips for efficient learning show, is also important for your success in your studies. In addition, many students swear by the positive influence of healthy snacks. It’s no wonder that nuts and the like have become an indispensable part of any desk. And it’s no big news that music changes our mood. But did you know that you can increase your concentration during exam preparation with the right music? By the way, this doesn’t just apply to auditory types of learners. It’s more a matter of finding the right music for you. Therefore, you should definitely try out which songs help you learn.

The best songs and playlists for the studying phase

Of course, the effect is even greater if you can listen to the music on a continuous loop. Therefore, the following Spotify playlists will surely come in handy when studying and preparing for exams:

1) Superior Study Playlist

The name says it all. Calm sounds from well-known movies and real classics carry you through the driest and toughest study material. For example, the Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky, the film music of Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. The playlist comprises more than 70 hours of musical enjoyment. One thing is clear: with over 1,000 songs, you won’t be able to get enough of listening. To the Superior Study Playlist

2) Motivation Mix

Are you in a study slump? Then this playlist should come just at the right time. The dynamic songs will take you beyond your limits during sports and in difficult learning phases. The best thing to do is to turn the music up loud, get out of your desk and move your body. If you’re into electronic music, the Motivation Playlist might be just the thing for you on energy-less days.

3) Happy Hits

No one can do nothing but study all day. At some point, nothing gets into your head and your mood leaves a lot to be desired. In such cases, your brain desperately needs a break from all the studying. The best thing to do is to give your ears a treat. The Happy Hits playlist is your lifeline when learning doesn’t work out at all. Bad moods are quickly history with these selected songs.

4) Peaceful Piano

Are you looking for music that you can listen to while you study? These songs are characterized by the fact that they do not distract you. Soft sounds and relaxing melodies in the background are popular with many students when they need to concentrate. Besides, playing the piano creates a calm atmosphere. And you can use that just before the exam, right? Help your concentration with Peaceful Piano.

5) Office - Instrumental Music for Concentration and Conversation

Even if you don’t spend your time in Office, this playlist is great for group work. When you meet with your study group, you can just let the music play in the background. The songs create a cozy atmosphere and don’t impose themselves. This makes working together much better – not only in the office! In terms of genre, you can find a number of classical pieces, but also pleasant acoustic guitar sounds. And the music will surely not bore you. With more than 100 hours, there is something for everyone. Besides, you can let the playlist run forever without the songs repeating themselves. Go to the playlist Office – Instrumental Music for Concentration and Conversation

6) Music for Concentration

For long days of studying and endless night shifts the playlist Music for Concentration is exactly the right accompaniment. Between the wonderful piano pieces and the easily digestible minimal music, everything comes to flow – virtually directly into the long-term memory.

7) Gentle Rains

You are totally exhausted after a long day of studying or you want to relax during the break? Then we have a special ear candy for you, with which you can switch off pretty quickly. Nature sounds are known to carry you into another world in no time. The Gentle Rains playlist proves how different the splashing of rain can sound. It sounds relaxing and it is.

8) Nature Sounds

If you love nature sounds, but the rain is too monotonous for you, we recommend the playlist Nature Sounds! Birdsong, crackling fire and other impressive sounds of nature will carry you through the stressful time before the exam day. This way you escape the urban jungle and leave the stress behind.

9) Peaceful Meditation

A dose of clarity and inner focus never hurts in life. Thanks to the devotional sounds, you’ll immerse yourself in your study material all the faster and stay consistent. The music of the Peaceful Meditation playlist increases your thinking and learning performance. In addition, the room fills with peace and harmony.




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