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New Year's Eve ideas for the home

At the end of the year, a big question arises: What do we actually do on New Year’s Eve? Contrary to the usual expectations of a successful New Year’s Eve, the turn of the year at home has many advantages: You can be absolutely spontaneous, don’t have to queue anywhere and don’t have a long way to go after midnight. You also save a lot of money. Because on New Year’s Eve, excursions and tickets are only available with hefty surcharges. Finances are a tricky subject during your studies anyway. The alternative: celebrate New Year’s Eve within your own four walls. With the following ideas, you’ll get lots of inspiration on how to spend an unforgettable evening together and get off to a good start in the new year.

12 tips and ideas for your New Year's Eve party at home

With these tips and ideas, you can easily celebrate New Year’s Eve at home – extraordinarily and with a guarantee of fun!

1) Organise a theme party

Instead of celebrating sexily in little black dresses and formal suits, plan something completely different this year: namely, a New Year’s Eve party with carnival flair. For example, dress up like your favourite stars, get horror costumes or hippie outfits, or show up in comfortable pyjamas. A beach party is also possible. The more unusual, the better. As for the theme of the evening, anything that’s fun is allowed. Shortly before midnight, you can vote together for the best party theme.

2) Get or make party utensils

Once the theme has been chosen, the flat must of course be decorated accordingly. You can buy serviettes that reflect the motto on the Internet, for example. Folded decoratively, they are a real eye-catcher at mealtimes. Table fireworks and sparklers are also part of the basic New Year’s Eve equipment. Balloons, garlands and confetti are also a must. Are you short of ideas? Don’t worry – there are plenty of handicraft instructions and examples on the internet to help you realise your motto.

3) Get out the board games

When do you have time to play fun board games? New Year’s Eve is the perfect day for it. Because any classic game can easily be turned into a fun drinking game. You’re probably already practised at this. If not, you can find lots of other great drinking games for your flat-sharing party here. So dig out your old board games – from Monopoly to Ludo – and let’s get started! Let the games begin.

4) Barbecue on the balcony or in the garden

Only the tough get into the garden – or onto the balcony! Admittedly: Barbecuing in the middle of winter is only for the hardy. But sausages, burgers and grilled vegetables taste all the better for it. The brave person with the barbecue tongs deserves special attention at the end, of course. Crown them after the meal for their special and courageous achievement. And of course, this must be toasted to!

5) Tasting punch and mulled wine

Provide your guests with something other than the usual midnight champagne. Why not organise a punch tasting? Ask all guests to bring an unusual mulled wine that they have made themselves. Everyone chooses their own recipe and brings the sweetened wine as a small gift. Table the deliciously aromatic experiments and taste your way through them together. Rate the individual versions one by one. The guest with the highest total wins.

6) Raclette or New Year's Eve menu?

On every special evening, there has to be something special to eat – for example, a New Year’s Eve menu or buffet that matches the theme. Of course, you don’t have to prepare everything yourself. You can ask your guests to bring something or ask everyone in the flat-sharing community to help with the preparation. You can also play it safe on New Year’s Eve with classics like raclette. Want to try something different? Then try a vegan raclette with homemade cheese substitutes, for example.

7) Romantic New Year's Eve

It doesn’t always have to be a big New Year’s Eve party. Maybe you’ll just take it easy this year? Spend the evening with the person in your life and make yourselves comfortable at home. You can also celebrate as a couple! Dress up for each other and enjoy an elegant candlelight dinner together. Don’t worry – you can leave the cooking to the professionals. Order an elegant New Year’s Eve menu in a restaurant and bring the culinary variety home.

8) Nostalgic review of the year

Every New Year’s Eve marks the end of a year. Normally, you don’t even get to take a closer look at it due to the hectic pace between the holidays. Do it differently this time. Pick out your personal highlights from the current year, look at pictures together and take a look back. Exchange ideas about what you definitely want to do next year. This will lead to nice conversations and fun souvenirs on New Year’s Eve.

9) Watch New Year's Eve classics

Get some popcorn, crisps and nuts and turn on the TV. New Year’s Eve movies are almost a must on 31 December. Besides Dinner for One, there are several other flicks like The Gold Rush with Charly Chaplin or the romantic comedy Harry and Sally. But a particular film series like Harry Potter or Game of Thrones can also fill the entire night and at the same time be the motto of New Year’s Eve. Add a round of Bullshit Bingo and the evening is perfect.

10) Disco at home - including New Year's Eve hits

To dance the night away, you only need three things: some space, good music and nice people around you. So why not start a disco in your own flat? Here, the choice of music is 100% in your hands and only people you really like come. Of course, one thing is obligatory at the turn of the year: a few rounds of the Danube Waltz in the Austrian tradition.

11) Online New Year's Eve party

Can’t toast with your loved ones in person this year? Don’t let that discourage you! Just make the plans virtually. Because most of these ideas for New Year’s Eve are suitable for online parties. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to clean up afterwards, but you can still celebrate with everyone. And that’s better than nothing, right?

12) New Year's breakfast with New Year's concert

New Year’s concert and hangover mood are the two buzzwords that come immediately to most people’s minds when they think of 1 January – usually in combination. So why not throw an after-New Year’s party? Fight the symptoms of last night together and enjoy the New Year’s concert of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra with a dignified hangover breakfast. Find out what to serve up for headaches, a queasy stomach and fatigue in our article on anti-hangover tips.

Conclusion: New Year's Eve at home leaves almost nothing to be desired

As you can see, it doesn’t always have to be a big New Year’s Eve party or an expensive trip. It’s much more important to organise the day the way it suits you. And it doesn’t take much at all. You always have a good time in good company. Pop the corks.

We at MILESTONE Student Living wish you a happy new year!