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Moving into a student accommodation

You’ve got a place in a student accommodation? Perfect! Then you have a lot to do before you start your great adventure of studying and living alone. You should never underestimate this step. Because if you let the organisation slide, stress is inevitable when you move. With these tips, you’ll have everything under control and can look forward to living and studying – without compromise.

Your checklist: Here's what you need to consider before and during your move into a student accommodation

Pack, unpack, arrive: With our checklist for moving into a student hall of residence, you’ll be well prepared. You’ll quickly settle into your new flat and have time for the really important things: making friends, exploring the city and enjoying your student life.

1) Book your flat early

Student accommodation is like everything else in life: What’s in demand is quickly sold out. So make sure you find your favourite place to live early. If you’re not moving out of your parents’ place, remember the notice periods for your current place or start looking for a new tenant in good time.


2) Make a packing list

Student residences vary greatly in terms of facilities and comfort. In some, you are only given the room and have to take care of all the furniture and other items yourself. Other halls of residence are furnished and offer additional living services. If all essential furnishings are included, this is quite comfortable. With our fully equipped MILESTONE apartments, the packing list is correspondingly small.

This means: Make sure you find out in advance what is included in your new room. Then think about what you actually need to take with you and what you also need to get. These items will go on your packing list.

3) Book Eat and Live Packages from MILESTONE

You’re about to move into a MILESTONE apartment, but you don’t feel like carrying heavy boxes or making big shopping trips? Then simply book various starter packages from MILESTONE.

Our Eat package includes the most important kitchen utensils such as plates, glasses and cutlery. With the Live package, you don’t even have to get hangers, bed linen or towels. We will be happy to furnish your flat especially for you. Contact us now to find out more about the scope and package prices.

4) Thoroughly clean out and pack your moving boxes early

You should only take what you really need with you to your student room. To do this, you need to clean out your old flat in good time. Give away or sell everything that has no place in your flat. You might also earn some extra money, which never hurts before a move. Make sure that all boxes and suitcases are packed on the day of the move.

5) Plan the day you move in

You can usually move into your flat on the first day of the month. If you would like to receive the key on a different day, this is possible from Monday to Friday. Just contact us in good time. When the date for moving in is fixed, rent a van right away. Cars for the move are booked up quickly, especially at the beginning and end of the month. A few helping hands certainly won’t hurt either. However, since our flats are fully equipped, you can save yourself the trouble of setting up furniture. All the quicker you can move on to a drink after your work is done.

Your packing list for student accommodation

Are you moving out of home or living alone for the first time? Without a packing list, you might forget important things or spend unnecessary money on duplicate purchases. To help you keep track of everything, here are the items you should definitely have ready in your new room for your studies.

By the way: MILESTONE designer flats have particularly high-quality and extensive basic furnishings. So you don’t have to do without quality living even when you’re studying.


The basic equipment of a bedroom includes a comfortable bed. Of course, this includes a slatted frame and mattress to ensure a restful night’s sleep. Bed linen and sheets ensure that your mattress, blanket and pillow are hygienically covered. You will need at least two sets of these so that you can wash your bedding at your leisure. Think about which of the following items are also important for your bedroom to make you feel comfortable:

  •  Bedspread
  •  Wool blanket or cuddly blanket
  •  Mattress protector
  •  Mattress pad or topper
  •  Earplugs and sleep mask for light sleepers


Wishes and ideas differ widely, especially in the bathroom. However, everyone has a toilet, washbasin and shower cubicle. The remaining items for your bathroom in the student residence depend on what you need for personal hygiene:

  •  Shower gel, soap and shampoo.
  •  Toiletries and cosmetics
  •  Make-up mirror
  •  First aid kit, plasters and medicines
  •  razor
  •  Hairdryer, curling iron and straightener
  •  Towels and bath towels
  •  Toiletry bag
  •  Toilet paper
  •  Shower mat
  •  Laundry bag
  •  Sponge, cleaning cloth and cleaning agent
  •  Other cleaning utensils: hoover, bucket, hand brush and dustpan

Don’t feel like cleaning? We can understand that very well. That’s why you simply leave the topic of a clean flat to us. Thanks to our monthly cleaning service, your MILESTONE flat will shine with cleanliness.


Your suitcase for the student residence should contain everything you regularly wear and need. Think about the different seasons and your hobbies. Take what you need to be prepared for the weather and not to be restricted in your free time. You also need to be able to do your laundry, for which you will need one or two things. You can find out what you need in this packing list:

  •  Clothes hangers
  •  Storage boxes or vacuum bags
  •  Sportswear
  •  Rain jacket, rain pants or poncho
  •  Slippers for common areas
  •  Bathrobe
  •  Shoe polish
  •  Laundry bags
  •  Washing powder
  •  Clothes horse, clothesline and clothes pegs


MILESTONE Wroclaw Olbin Apartment Community For Two To Share

Whether your cooking skills are limited to pasta with tomato sauce or you like to use a pot and pan, you can’t prepare anything without kitchen utensils. Kitchens in student flats are equipped very differently. If there is only a cooker but no oven, you can leave casseroles and cake tins at home. If you have a microwave, you need to think about the right dishes. Which of the following items is important to you depends on your preferences and the equipment in your kitchen:

  •  Crockery such as plates, cups and cutlery.
  •  Special glasses for wine, beer or other drinks
  •  Knife and chopping board
  •  Potato peeler, grater and garlic press
  •  Cooking spoon, spatula and soup ladle
  •  Measuring jug and scales
  •  Storage jars and freezer bags
  •  Colander, mixing bowl and salad bowl
  •  Pots and pans in different sizes
  •  Kettle
  •  Coffee maker or espresso maker
  •  Teapot with tea strainer
  •  Thermos flask
  •  Toaster, waffle iron and sandwich maker
  •  Blender or hand blender
  •  Tray, trivet and pot holder
  •  Tea towels
  •  Rubbish bags, dishwasher tabs, sponge and washing-up liquid
  •  Basic cooking supplies such as oil, salt, pepper and other spices

Personal items, electronics and entertainment

In addition to the basic necessities of life, you will also need a lot of other things. This includes everything you need for your studies and everything you like to do in your free time. Here, too, you should check beforehand how the student residence is equipped. For example, many MILESTONE houses have their own gym or secure storage space for your bike. Accordingly, you are welcome to increase your packing list. You should also consider these items:

  •  Laptop, tablet and smartphone – don’t forget the charging cable!
  •  External hard drive or USB stick
  •  Extension cable and multiple socket
  •  Alarm clock or radio
  •  Writing materials such as paper and pens
  •  Personal decorations and items such as pictures, plants and books
  •  Pack of cards and board games
  •  Equipment for studying
  •  Sports mat and sports equipment

Conclusion: Stress-free moving made easy

Have you checked the checklist carefully and checked it against your MILESTONE student apartment? Then nothing can go wrong now! With this preparation, you can look forward to your new home – in a prime location, with modern facilities and a unique community.

Do you have any questions about booking or are you interested in a MILESTONE student apartment? Then get in touch with us now!

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