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The most beautiful lakes in Austria

21. May 2021, EXPLORE, TIPS

When you think of Austria’s excursion destinations, you cannot help but be struck by the images of lush green hiking trails, towering mountains, and endless ski slopes. But Austria has much more to offer: more than 25,000 lakes adorn the unique landscape of the Alpine country and thus ensure plenty of swimming fun, a wide range of leisure activities and recreation in and around the water. Have your swimwear ready. Here are the most beautiful lakes in your area.

1) Lake Neusiedl

Known as the Sea of Vienna, Lake Neusiedl offers an incomparable range of activities for water sports enthusiasts, sun lovers and nature lovers due to its unique location. The so-called Pannonian Plain allows for a particularly warm climate and thus attracts a great variety of animals and plants. No wonder that Lake Neusiedl with the national park of the same name is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The deepest point is just 1.80 meters, which is why the westernmost steppe lake in Europe is also one of the warmest lakes in the country. In addition, the area around Lake Neusiedl is known for viticulture. Our tip: after swimming, stop at the Heurigen and let your eyes wander over the vineyards.

  • State: Burgenland
  • Water temperature in summer: 24 – 27 °C
  • Leisure activities: Bathing and various water sports, but also cycling, horseback riding, camping and bird watching.
  • Highlights: Lake festival Mörbisch and various wine festivals
  • Nearest Homebase: MILESTONE Vienna Prater and Milestone Vienna Campus (approx. 55 km by car and 40 min. by train from Vienna to Neusiedl am See)

2) Lake Traun

Located in the Upper Austrian Salzkammergut, Lake Traunsee offers plenty of recreational fun in every season. With its depth of up to 190 meters, it is one of the rather cold lakes in Austria and provides a particularly soothing cooling on hot summer days. The surrounding mountain panorama, the excellent water quality and the endless sports possibilities invite not only for swimming and bathing.

  • State: Upper Austria
  • Water temperature in summer: 20 °C
  • Leisure activities: Water sports such as sailing, water skiing, wakeboarding, surfing and diving as well as hiking and climbing excursions or sporty mountain bike tours.
  • Highlight: Visit of Schloss Ort on the Traunsee island
  • Nearest Homebase: MILESTONE Linz BrucknerStudios (approx. 70 km by car and 55 min. by public transport)

3) Lake Attersee

Even bigger and better known than the Traunsee, the Attersee cannot be missing on our list. Surrounded by mountains and forests, the clear, turquoise waters attract numerous vacationers, day trippers and locals who want to enjoy the cool water and the unique landscape. Due to the depth of up to 169 meters and the high fish population, the so-called sea of the Salzkammergut is a true diving and fishing El Dorado.

  • Province: Upper Austria
  • Water temperature in summer: 25 °C
  • Recreational opportunities: Swimming is possible here with dogs on special dog beaches. In addition, the classic water sports such as surfing and sailing, but also cycling and hiking trails provide plenty of variety.
  • Highlight: Cycling marathon King of the Lake
  • Nearest Homebase: MILESTONE Linz BrucknerStudios (about 77 km by car and about 1 hour by public transport)

4) Grundlsee

A little less known, but a very special tip for nature lovers is the Grundlsee, located in Styria. Here you can expect a kilometer-long natural swimming beach, wonderful hiking trails as well as the best air and water values – a true paradise in the middle of Austria.

  • State: Styria
  • Water temperature in summer: 18-25 °C
  • Recreational opportunities: Swimming, surfing, sailing, diving, sport rowing, archery, hiking, climbing, and fishing.
  • Highlight: experience the magic of the landscape with the 3-Lakes-Tour
  • Nearest home base: MILESTONE Leoben Montan (approx. 120 km or 1.5 hours by car)

5) Lake Altaussee

A few kilometers further on, the next bathing opportunity with a particularly impressive backdrop is already on offer: Lake Altaussee. Located in the middle of the Ausseerland, the most beautiful lake of the Styrian Salzkammergut enchants with its unique mountain panorama and is therefore not only worth a visit in summer.

  • State: Styria
  • Water temperature in summer: 21°C
  • Leisure activities: all kinds of water sports such as swimming, rowing and diving as well as hiking and biking
  • Highlight: Altausseer Kirtag (church festival)
  • Nearest home base: MILESTONE Leoben Montan (approx. 130 km or 1.5 hours by car)

6) Lake Klopein

If you are looking for many hours of sunshine and warm bathing water, you do not have to go all the way to Italy or Croatia. The Klopeiner See brings the Mediterranean climate directly to Austria – with best water quality of course. And that is not all: around the well-visited lake you will find numerous alternatives for swimming, such as the Turnersee. If you prefer to be active, you will find plenty of opportunities to work out at and in the vicinity of Lake Klopeiner See.

  • State: Carinthia
  • Water temperature in summer: 27°C
  • Leisure activities: All common water sports as well as hiking, biking and mountain biking.
  • Highlight: Walk along the sheer endless lakeside promenade with lots of bars, restaurants and guesthouses
  • Nearest home base: MILESTONE Graz Lend (approx. 120 km or 1.5 hours by car)

7) Even more tips: More swimming lakes in Austria that you must see

Austria is not only the land of mountains, but also the land of lakes. Of course, for some of them you have to take a bit more driving time, or you should plan several days of stay. But the recreation factor is all the greater for it.

  • Lake Constance: Off to Bregenz! The third largest lake in Europe connects three countries and offers a lot of fun and sightseeing. With its picturesque beach sections, the many ferry connections to Germany or Switzerland and the 270-kilometer-long Lake Constance bike path, you can spend a lot of time here and discover something new every day.
  • Achensee: Located in Tyrol at 929 meters above sea level, this mountain lake offers a true postcard panorama from every perspective. No wonder. After all, Achensee is in the middle of the largest nature reserve in Europe – the Karwendel Mountains. In addition to the cool swimming pleasure and plenty of water sports, you can look forward to numerous hiking trails and the rustic charm of the Tyrolean mountains.
  • Weissensee: The Weissensee in Carinthia is a place that you must have seen and experienced – not only in summer! In the warm months, Lake Weissensee delights its guests with natural swimming bays, many water sports and numerous hiking and biking trails. In winter, a thick layer of ice covers almost the entire lake, which is why ice skating and even carriage rides are possible.

Still looking for more leisure tips for students in Austria? Then get inspired by our post Lost Places in Austria. Have fun exploring!



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