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Use the semester break wisely

Is the end of the semester approaching? Then start thinking now about how you want to spend the time. After all, you can use the lecture-free weeks for various activities that would otherwise not be possible. However, you will need to plan ahead or make preparations for some of your plans. That’s why you should start thinking about something for the semester break early – whether you want to relax, travel or work.

12 tips: Things to do during the semester break

With our tips, you can make the most of the time between semesters – for example, to earn money or gain important work experience. But of course you can also just enjoy your free time. Decide now which of these activities are right for you.

1) Party and celebrate

The first thing to do is to celebrate the success of the last semester. And do it together with other students from your courses. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a big end-of-semester party or a party in a shared flat. The semester has to end on a high note, and a festive evening is simply part of it. Do you want to organise a party that everyone will still be talking about later? Nothing could be easier. We have already tested and listed the most popular and fun drinking games for you.

Party balloons

2) Improve your language skills

Languages open up many possibilities. For example, making contacts in other countries and new career opportunities after graduation. However, if you want to really master a foreign language, you have to speak it regularly and keep at it. It’s hard to fit that in between lectures, exams and a part-time job. The semester break is therefore the perfect time to take a course or try out a language app.

Are you particularly motivated? Then start with a foreign language right away and surprise the other students in the next semester with your new language skills.

3) A job with a purpose: volunteer work

Volunteering your time for a good cause is fulfilling and meaningful. Helping hands are always needed in the social sector. Besides, there are so many different areas and activities that you will definitely get your money’s worth, even if you don’t get paid. If you like working with animals, you could ask at the animal shelter if they are looking for someone to walk them. If you prefer to be with people, ask at social and church institutions in your area. Nursing homes, homeless shelters and food banks are always looking for people to help and lend a hand.

By doing voluntary work, you not only do something good for the community, but you also gain incredible experience. These are a personal enrichment and always look good on your CV.

4) Clean out and tidy up your room

After the exams, a lot is done. But in the course of the semester, everything else is usually left behind in the flat. The study materials are piled up, everything is lying around in the kitchen and the wardrobe should be tidied up again. Take advantage of the lecture-free time and bring order to your chaos. You’ll be amazed at how comfortable you suddenly feel in your flat. To help you get started as quickly as possible, you can find lots of tips for tidying up in our article.

5) Try a new hobby

Is there something you’ve always wanted to try? Then the semester break is the perfect time to do it. Challenge your creativity with a painting class. Try a new sport like climbing or yoga. Maybe you’d like to try out a new musical instrument. You certainly have many hidden talents just waiting to be discovered. Plus, with a new hobby, the stress of the last semester is quickly forgotten.

6) Take a trip

Semester breaks are the perfect time to pack your backpack and go travelling for a few weeks or months. Take the opportunity to discover countries you’ve always wanted to see. Spend time in beautiful places and immerse yourself in a culture of your choice. After graduation, time off like this is hard to come by. Are you planning a semester abroad? Then combine the holidays with your ERASMUS studies in another country and make the most of the time.

If you can’t travel that far, a temporary adventure is still possible. Simply go on a discovery tour in your area. How about a tour to the creepiest lost places in Germany? Or working on an organic farm in exchange for room and board? With a little creativity, you’re sure to get your money’s worth.

7) Plan different excursions

During your studies, you rarely have time to explore the surrounding area. If you don’t know the area yet, grab a friend and go on a few excursions together.

You don’t have enough ideas? No problem. We have summarised the best day trips in the region for many MILESTONE destinations:


8) Start an internship

Between semesters is the perfect time to do a compulsory internship or gain your first work experience. This way, you do something for your study progress and save time during the semester. But it doesn’t matter if it’s part of your degree programme or if you’re doing it out of your own interest: An internship always looks good on your CV.

9) Earn money with a holiday job

What is often difficult to do during lectures, you can easily do during the semester break: take a well-paid job and fill your meagre piggy bank. There are more options open to you than tutoring or waiting tables in a restaurant. In the blog post Part-time jobs for students, you’ll get lots of tips on how to find your dream job during your time at university. By the way: A summer job has even more advantages than earning money. You make new contacts and gain valuable work experience. Both can give your career a boost.

10) Visit friends and family

Head home after the semester to see your relatives and indulge in some pampering. Even if it’s sometimes a bit stressful with parents and siblings, everyone is sure to be happy when you show up at home. You can also maintain old friendships and find out what’s going on in your home country. And one thing is for sure: Home is and always will be the best place to be.

11) Cook, feast and relax

What could be nicer than simply not having to do anything after a stressful phase? Sleep late, gamble until you drop or do a Netflix marathon in sweatpants: just let yourself drift without having to follow any obligations. And if you do get the urge, put your baking skills to the test and try out some new recipes, like our carrot cake recipe.

12) Prepare for the new semester

After the semester, the first thing on the agenda is rest and relaxation. But even that gets boring at some point. If you feel a new zest for action in you, take the opportunity to start the new semester well prepared. Especially if you have to repeat an exam, this is an ideal time to fill in gaps in your knowledge. Sort through your documents from previous semesters. Work through scripts that you didn’t really understand. Make a plan for the new semester. Self-organisation is the basis for successful study. Click here for the checklist for the start of the semester.

Conclusion: Use your lecture-free time in different ways

Can’t decide between all the tips? Of course, you don’t have to do everything at once. Some activities can easily be postponed to future semester breaks. Here, too, planning is half the battle.



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