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Tips for the Christmas spirit

Soon the time will come and it will be time to say: Oh, Merry Christmas – or is it? Constant university stress or acute winter blues can quickly cause candles, cinnamon and clove scents to miss their mark. In such cases, the anticipation of the most important festivity of the year is delayed. Or even worse: everything that has to do with a festive mood and Christmas gets on your nerves. But it would be a shame if nothing changed. It’s not for nothing that it’s the most beautiful holiday of the year for many people. And there’s a lot you can do to make sure you still look forward to Christmas.


12 tips for Christmas muffle: How to create a nice Christmas atmosphere anyway

If even snacking on biscuits and decorating the Christmas tree doesn’t help, try out the following tips. Maybe you’ll find something you want to keep as an end-of-year ritual.

1) Advent wreath and Advent calendar: celebrate Advent

To get into the Christmas spirit, two accessories are indispensable: A festive wreath of fir greenery and a beautiful Advent calendar – but not just any Advent calendar. Because by now there is much more than just a little piece of chocolate hidden behind the 24 doors. From cosmetics to beer and coffee, there are all kinds of varieties that provide a daily surprise. Individuality is also in demand for the Advent wreath. Get a beautiful wreath or simply make one yourself. All you need is a fir branch, 4 candles and decorations of your choice. And it’s ready. Not only that you can light one more candle on the Advent wreath every Sunday: The first Advent inevitably heralds the pre-Christmas season.

2) Take a cosy time-out

Stress breeds everything else, but certainly not Christmas spirit. When the last exams, group exercises or homework of the year turn out to be mood killers, it’s time to take a step back. Do something good for yourself to recharge your batteries for the upcoming final spurt. Get cosy in the evening – with a blanket, thick woollen socks and a hot water bottle. A cup of tea and a large portion of biscuits can work wonders.

3) Create a playlist with your favourite music.

Ein Mädchen das am Boden liegt und mit Kopfhörer Musik hört

Once you’ve made yourself comfortable, there’s one thing you can’t do without: the right Christmas music. Choose songs for your personal playlist that bring back fond memories. Classic Christmas songs from your childhood or new interpretations by well-known artists provide variety. Please note: annoying pieces of music that you listen to on a continuous loop every year have no place in your playlist. And for the lazy, streaming services offer enough playlists to get you in the mood for Christmas. Don’t be too picky, though.

4) Secret Santa with your loved ones

Secret Santa is one man’s joy and another man’s sorrow. Admittedly: Anonymous gift-giving awakens not only joyful but also weird childhood memories. But with a few simple rules you can help the Christ Child and make each other happy with beautiful or funny things. This can take on whimsical forms, for example, by stipulating that only items from flea markets or related to the university may be given as gifts. There are no limits to the fun you can have, and this is a great way to boost your mood. After all, our brains love surprises, unwrapping presents or making others happy.

5) Give a biscuit plate as a gift

Speaking of giving joy: If the winter blues grip you on a foggy day, don’t let yourself down. Try to break out of the slump. Instead of lying in bed forever, browse biscuit recipes and get the necessary ingredients right away. Once your personal Christmas bakery is up and running, the joy will quickly follow. You can also surprise your flatmates or colleagues at university with a nicely decorated biscuit plate.

6) Clean up and decorate the flat

If you’re not in the mood for Father Christmases and fairy lights, it doesn’t necessarily have to do with your mood. Often it is simply due to the state of your flat or flat share. If your own four walls are in chaos, it’s absolutely no wonder that you don’t feel like Christmas. Decorating is simply no fun and a pointless undertaking. There is only one way: clean up your home! With these tidying tips, you’ll be tidying up sooner than you think. Once the work is done, motivation will return and creativity for Christmas decorations will flow all by itself.

7) TV classics: Watch Christmas films.

If it’s uncomfortable outside, the time can be put to good use at home. Instead of fretting about the cold and wet weather, just plan a movie night. The good thing about it: Christmas films come in all kinds of genres. From schmaltzy romances to childhood classics, there’s something for everyone. Add popcorn, crisps and mulled wine and you’re good to go.

8) Think of original gifts

Instead of the usual classics like a good wine or a shopping voucher, think of special Christmas gifts for your loved ones. How about a self-made voucher for more time together or an excursion next year? It’s guaranteed that no one will expect it and the joy will be all the greater – for you too.

9) Go on a Christmas market tour

Sweet or savoury delicacies, pretty Christmas decorations and above all punch as far as the eye can see. The magic of Christmas markets doesn’t leave even the most stubborn Christmas muffle cold. Even in icy temperatures and nasty winter weather, the huts spread a warm atmosphere. What’s more, the choice of Christmas markets is now really wide. Medieval markets, arts and crafts or Christmas markets in special places like castles – there is a lot to discover. Make a list of all the Christmas markets in your area and plan your visits.

10) Organise a Christmas party

Celebrations should be celebrated as they fall, so they say. Of course, you can help your luck along a bit. Invite your friends over for a pre-Christmas drink. Beforehand, distribute different tasks: for example, creating a playlist of Christmas songs, biscuit plates to swap or mulled wine for everyone. This way you can surprise each other and have a nice evening. If it’s not possible to invite your loved ones in person, hold the meeting online. Get into your Christmas outfit, warm up some mulled wine, open your laptop and you’re ready to go.

11) Plan a conscious end of the year

As Christmas approaches, so does the end of the year. Yet there is still so much to do in December: a chore that didn’t get done, New Year’s resolutions that weren’t kept and much more. This can be one reason why you don’t really enjoy the time before Christmas Eve. Write down what you still have to do in the last few weeks and what you are happy to push into the next year. This will take the pressure off you and create clarity for your goals.

12) Lower your expectations

Often we have a very clear idea of how something should be – even the time before the Christmas holidays. If these expectations are not met, it is usually frustrating. Just because you’re sprinting from one Christmas party to the next, for example, doesn’t automatically mean it’s going to create a joyful Christmas spirit. Think about what Christmas means to you and what your expectations are. Often this will reveal what you really need.

Conclusion: No Christmas spirit? No problem!

Try our tips and do your best. But sometimes it’s better to accept the circumstances. And don’t forget: Christmas comes around every year.



Nikolina is our Sales and Marketing Intern. She´s an old soul who spends her free time listening to Sinatra and watching old movies. Her dream is to move to New York and make a career in show business.

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