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Preparing for your studies: your checklist for the start of the semester

Are you about to start your studies or are you about to start a new semester? Then there is a lot for you to do now. As soon as you have made your choice of study, you have to deal with the topics of housing, finances, insurance and much more. It’s easy to lose track of everything. With the following tips, you will be on the safe side and can look forward to a relaxed start to your studies or the new semester. We have also summarized the most important questions for the start of a new semester.

Mobility during your studies

Think early enough about how your daily routes will look like in your university life. If the university or university of applied sciences is further away, you will have to think about how to get there. You should plan for possible consequences such as a move in good time. If you are commuting between the university and your current place of residence, find out what public transportation is available. The following points are particularly relevant regarding your mobility during your studies:

  •  Local means of transportation such as bus or train connections.
  •  Deadlines and documents to apply for the semester ticket
  •  Necessary steps if you have a car and are moving
  •  Use of other mobility offers such as long-distance bus, car sharing, bike sharing or carpooling

Finances and student tax return: this is how to finance your studies

Money is a big challenge for many students. That’s why it’s important that you approach the topic of student financing in a structured way. A financial plan or budget book are good tools. These should list your income and expenses so that you can maintain an overview. Also check which of the following options are available to you:

  •  Tuition assistance, scholarships, and deadlines for applying.
  • Support from family members
  • Part-time jobs during your studies: We have already summarized the best student jobs.

As you can see, there are various ways to keep your head above water financially during your studies. If you are short of money, these tips will help you save money during your studies. Pay attention to the income limits if you receive state support and work. In addition, when you enter the working world, the topic of tax returns will come up. This may sound a bit dry at first, but lucrative refunds await you if you invest a little time and effort. Everything you need to know about this can be found in our article Student tax return.

Living during your studies: Shared apartment, your own apartment, or a dormitory?

Finding a place to live is often a headache for students. After all, affordable housing close to the university is in high demand. As soon as you have checked your finances, you should immediately consider which accommodation is right for you: should it be a shared flat or do you want to live alone during your studies? The latter offers significant advantages: Privacy, quiet while studying and your own realm. However, your own apartment is more expensive and it’s easier to make friends in a shared apartment. However, living with others is often a compromise, even if a shared apartment is a cheapest option during your studies. Of course, you can also look around for student dorms. If you don’t feel like compromising and time constraints, check out MILESTONE Design Apartments. The fully equipped houses in prime locations promise a terrific quality of living and excellent learning conditions. In addition, the common rooms offer plenty of opportunities for socializing and exchanging ideas with other students.

Organizing everyday things like internet, telephone, and bank account

With the choice of the right accommodation, a lot is already done. But there are more things that come up when you start studying. If these costs are not already included in your accommodation, you will have to take care of the following details yourself:

  • Subscription to internet, telephone, television, and streaming services.
  •  Electricity and gas for your apartment: Find the best provider.
  •  Cell phone tariff – especially when moving abroad
  •  Open a bank account for your studies
  •  Take out sensible insurance for students
    Look out for special offers for students, student discounts or free trial months. This can save you a lot of money.

Study materials and technical equipment for your studies

Each new semester marks the beginning of another exciting phase of your studies. Hopefully, you will learn a lot. With the right equipment, this will of course be easier:

1. consider in good time which study books you will need. Our tip: You can often get used books at unbeatable prices. 2.
2. get the scripts in time and print them out if necessary.
3. tablet and laptop: get a good technical equipment. Don’t skimp on quality but be sure to check for student discounts.
4. even more technology that students often need:

  •  Headset for online lectures
  •  Mouse, keyboard and monitor for comfortable work
  •  External hard drives for lecture notes and university documents.

Semester planning: courses, internships, and exams

Studying nowadays is anything but relaxed. You have to think of many appointments, cope with the exam stress and organize all kinds of things like internships or part-time jobs on the side. However, you can contribute a lot to a successful course of studies. The following articles will help you get off to a relaxed start:

Questions at the start of the semester: Further points for your study checklist

  1.  what room for maneuver is there in terms of courses? Which ones do you have to attend?
  2.  is the part-time job compatible with the new semester schedule?
  3.  in which lectures is attendance compulsory?
  4.  what exams are due and what registration deadlines must be observed?
  5.  what leisure activities does the university offer? Are there any registration deadlines for the university sports?
  6.  which contacts (e.g., student council) can help you with legal and organizational questions during your studies?

You can tick off all the points? Congratulations! We wish you much success and a good start into the new semester or studies.



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