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The best winter activities in Graz

As soon as it gets cold outside, you cozy up inside. However, there is a lot to see and do in Graz in winter. At first glance, the capital of Styria may seem a little unimpressive when it comes to tips for the cold season. But you will definitely be surprised. It is not without reason that more and more people find their way to Graz in winter to experience the special atmosphere of the city. We have summarised for you which winter activities belong at the top of your list.

1) Drinking punch at the Christmas market

Mulled wine, Kasnocken, music and colourful lights: what would winter be without a visit to a Christmas market? In Graz you’ll find an amazing number of Advent markets with very different themes and focuses. From the classic Christmas village with XXL fir tree on Graz’s Hauptplatz to arts and crafts on Mehlplatz or in the Joanneum district to the sustainable Christmas market on Nikolaiplatz. There is something for every taste in Graz.

Is the anticipation of Christmas taking a long time this year? Here you can find out how to get into the Christmas spirit.

2) Chasing away ghosts at the Perchtenlauf

Creepy costumes and masks are an absolute must for this Austrian tradition. With loud rattles, clanking chains and other wild noises, the Perchten parade through the old town in winter. After all, the Krampuslauf is supposed to drive away evil spirits – a spectacle you shouldn’t miss.

3) Ice skating in and around Graz

Take off your skates and hit the ice! The Winter World at the Landessportzentrum Graz welcomes you for a few speedy laps on the ice. You can also rent skates here if you don’t have your own. If the winter is particularly cold, you can even skate outside in nature. Check beforehand whether the nearby Hilmteich or the ice rink in Mariatrost are open to skaters.

4) Wellness in winter

Not looking forward to the cold season and Christmas this year? Then it’s a classic case of the winter blues! But don’t worry. You can do something about it. Maybe you’re just too stressed and need to really relax. Visit one of the many spas with swimming and sauna facilities in Graz. The NOVA Spa or the Auster Sport- und Wellnessbad are good addresses for a relaxing day.

5) Discover museums in Graz

Are you one of the inquisitive ones? Perfect! Because winter is the best time to stroll through a museum and soak up all the information at your leisure. In Graz, the most popular places for history, art and culture include the Natural History Museum, the Folklore Museum or the Hall of Art. But that’s by far not all you can do in Graz. Find out right now which other exhibitions and museums are open.

6) Enjoy culinary moments on the Schlossberg

You’ll need a bit of stamina to climb the Schlossberg. But you’ll be rewarded with a phenomenal view over the old town. But beware: in winter, the view can fall into the water. But you’ll be compensated by the beautiful Christmas market, where you can sample and buy regional delicacies. If you shy away from the climb when it’s slippery or don’t want to stagger down after a few glasses of mulled wine, simply take the cable car. This makes the Schlossberg a popular destination for locals, students and tourists at any time of year.

7) Walk along the Mur

The small paths along the Mur are perfect for a romantic walk. Especially when it has freshly snowed and the landscape is covered in white snow, you definitely have to go for a walk. A walk along the river is pure relaxation and free of charge.

8) Marvel at the ice cot in the Landhaus

In winter, Graz offers a very special work of art: a metre-high nativity scene made of carved ice. In some years, over 30 tonnes of frozen water have been transported to the Landhaus courtyard for the ice crib, where Finnish artist Kimmo Frosti demonstrates his skills. You should visit the impressive result while it’s still cold enough.

9) City Tour with shopping and culinary delights

What could be better than strolling through the city dressed warmly and looking from one shop to the next? Even though Graz is not a city of millions, the old town has a lot to offer. In addition to the many shops, shopping centres, restaurants and cafés, the pre-Christmas decorations are also a reason to step outside even in bad weather. And the good thing is that from Milestone Graz Lend you’re right in the thick of the action in just a few minutes.

10) Change of scenery: What else can you do in winter?

Have you already explored Graz in detail? Then visit the capital Vienna in winter. In just one weekend you can visit many different Christmas markets or experience the charm of Vienna on a tour of the old town. But that’s by far not all. Here are more tips for Vienna in winter. And if you still haven’t had enough, you can also discover Linz during the cold season. With so many different winter activities, you certainly won’t get bored!

Conclusion: Graz in winter is anything but dull

Whether you prefer to spend time outdoors or indoors, Graz has the right winter activity for everyone. And to make it even more fun, take your friends with you on a discovery tour.



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