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The 7 best party-games to play with your roommates

8. January 2021, TIPS

As students, we are great at finding reasons to celebrate. However, you’ll want more than just a crate of beer and some gin & tonics cooled in the fridge, if you’re planning on having a rowdy night with the roomies. The answer? Fun party-games of course. ‘Beer Pong’, ‘Never Have I Ever’ or ‘Kings Cup’ is so last year, so here is the next best list of ultimate party-games to play. No special equipment needed!

1) Russian Roulette

  • Participants: Min. 2
  • Accessories: Shot glasses
  • Drink: Clear schnapps
  • Playing rules: Fill your shot glasses randomly with alcohol or water. Serve them to your guests without telling them which one contains the strong stuff. Each person must take one shot and drink it without hesitation. Our tip: Guests who make a face while drinking their shot, face a punishment! May luck be in your favour.

2) Lady Horst

  • Participants: 3-8
  • Accessories: A pair of dice
  • Drink: Alcohol of choice
  • Playing rules: Frau Horst (translated from German) is a very popular game. You simply sit at a table with your roomies and throw the dice one after the other. After each roll, add up the numbers on your dice. The sum decided which person has to drink a shot:
    • 9: The person to your right.
    • 7: The person to your left.
    • Pasch (each die has the same number): You are now ‘Lady Horst’ and may only be called by that name. Whoever violates this rule must drink a shot. You will only be freed from your role when another person throws a double.

Even if you don’t break the above rules, you aren’t totally safe:

  • The word “drink” must not be pronounced.
  • Objects may not be handed over personally. For example, the dice or drinks must be placed on the table before the next person takes them. Otherwise, both involved parties drink!
  • Lady Horst may consider another word that may not be said during the entire duration of the game. Whoever violates this rule can look forward to another shot. This will require some concentration, because the more often a double is thrown, the more words you will have to remember.
Black Dice is thrown in the air

3) The glorious 6

  • Participants: 2-8
  • Accessories: 6 shot glasses, 1 die, a pen and 6 small slips of paper
  • Drink: Alcohol of choice
  • Playing rules: Place 6 glasses on the table and number them 1 to 6. Now throw the die one after the other and fill some alcohol into the glass which corresponds with the number on the die. If you roll a number with a full glass, it’s yours to drink! If 5 out of 6 glasses are full and you fill up the last glass after the die has been thrown,

4) Ditsch

  • Participants: 3-10
  • Accessories: A pair of dice, 1 sheet of paper and one per per person
  • Drink: Alcohol of choice
  • Playing rules: This is a great warm up game for pre-drinks. Together with the participants, define one beverage that will be consumed throughout the game. Begin throwing the die one after the other and note the numbers down. The higher number is always your ‘ten value’ and the lower number is your ‘single value’. For example, if the numbers 3 & 8 are rolled, the result is 83. The person with the lowest number in each round must drink.

These additional rules also apply:

  • If a 2 and 1 is rolled, this results in a ‘Ditsch’. The loser of the round must drink twice. If there are several ‘Ditsches’, more shots are added.
  • A doublet is worth more than a normal number. This means that an 11 beats a 78.

5) Sam Yuk Gu

A champaign glass is being filled
  • Participants: Min.2
  • Drink: Alcohol of choice
  • Playing rules: This fun game from South Korea will definitely test your concentration. You begin counting in order starting with the number 1. The numbers 3,6,9 are replaced by clapping, rather than speaking. If you make a mistake, you have to drink. The following examples illustrate the rule:
    • 3: say nothing, clap once
    • 56: clap once, say ‘fifty’ and clap
    • 36: say nothing, clap twice
    • 169: say “one hundred”, clap twice
    • 396: say nothing, clap three times

How far will you go?

6) The darned Seven

  • Participants: Min. 2
  • Drink: Schnapps
  • Playing rules: Similarly to the above suggestion, in this drinking game, you count in turns from 1 to 100. If the number has something to do with 7, the respective person must say Schnapps instead. This is the case if:
    • the number 7 is included, for example, in 7 (schnapps), 27 (twenty schnapps), 167 (one hundred and sixty schnapps)
    • the sum of any double digit number equals 7, for example 7,25 or 61.
    • the number is divisible by 7, for example 49 or 56.

If you make a mistake, don’t worry, others are typically quick to point it out and hand you a drink. Let’s see how well your basic arithmetic skills are working for you!

7) Ace-drinking

  • Participants: 2-8
  • Accessories: Card deck with 52 cards, glasses with different sizes
  • Drink: Alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages of your choice
  • Playing rules: The cards are placed on a pile and you turn the top card clockwise to reveal it. If an ace is drawn, the following happens:
    • 1st Ace: You choose one of the empty glasses and place it in the middle without filling it.
    • 2nd Ace: You fill the empty glass in the middle of the table 1/3 full with a drink of your choice.
    • 3rd Ace: You may fill the glass to the brim or as you please.
    • 4th Ace: You may drink the mixture – mmmm!

Afterwards the round starts again. Shuffle the cards and off you go.

Cards are being shuffled

With the right games, you can certainly elevate a get-together. Enjoy trying them out and remember, consume responsibly! For more tips, check out the rest of the MILESTONE Blog.

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