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Pass some time in quarantine with some of these English-speaking podcasts:


An enforced quarantine can get boring surprisingly quick. We have come up with a list of podcasts which range in genre, so there is something for everyone! Who is behind them? What are they about? Find out in the summaries below.

Due to the continuous development of the situation, we are constantly being bombarded by Coronavirus updates. From what we can tell, it looks like we could be stuck at home for a while. Despite this being a challenge, there are still many positive things we can do during this time. For example, sorting through old photos on your phone, clearing out your closet or finally taking the time to read a book! However, we will all come to a point where we have checked everything off of our to do lists and the boredom will begin to creep around the corners. That’s where the medium of the hour comes into play- podcasts!

For your entertainment, here is a list of some popular English-speaking podcasts in alphabetical order. Happy listening.

Coronavirus Global Update - BBC

Category: News
Duration: 4 minutes

If you want a quick way to keep up to date with the latest Coronavirus-related news, without subjecting yourself to hundreds of newspaper articles, the BBC will bring you all the latest in a quick and concise report. Also, who doesn’t love to listen to a British accent.

Get Sleepy - Tom Jones

Category: Rest & Relaxation
Duration: 30-40 minutes

Feeling restless? Get sleepy combines sleep meditation with a bed-time story. Accompanied by host Tom Jones’ soothing voice, drift off to sleep as you embark on an adventure.

My Dad wrote a Porno - Jamie Morton

Category: Comedy
Duration: 10-50 minutes

Imagine what it would be like to have your dad write a dirty book, which you then proceeded to read out loud to the world, with your friends in a podcast. Well…now you don’t have to!

My Favourite Murder - Karen Kilgariff & Georgia Hardstark

Category: Crime
Duration: 20-90 minutes

Popular amongst true-crime fans, get absorbed by a new criminal case every episode, as discussed by hosts and comedians (oh, the irony) Karen Kilgariff & Georgia Hardstark.

TED Talks daily

Category: Education
Duration: 10-15 minutes

With the help of some of the world’s brightest thinkers and creatives, host Elise Hu brings you the latest and most relevant talks, which cover topics like: the importance of sleep, the definition of personality or even the future of AI.

The Alarmist - Rebecca Delagado Smith

Category: History
Duration: 30-40 minutes

Rebecca Delegado Smith and her guests delve into the past and scrutinize some of history’s largest events, asking questions such as ‘why did this happen?’ and ‘who is to blame?’. No one ever said history had to be boring.

The Garyvee Audio Experience - Gary Vaynerchuk

Category: Advice & Self-help
Duration: 20-60 minutes

If you are looking to become an entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuk will show you the way to go. With his colourful language and motivational speeches, this CEO, entrepreneur and public speaker amongst other things, is packed with real life experience he is dying to share.

The Guilty Feminist - Deborah-Frances White

Category: Feminist
Duration: 30-90 minutes

A judgement-free zone, where featured guests discuss relevant 21st Century feminist topics in front of a live audience with the relaxed feel of a stand-up comedy show.

The Minimalists - Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus

Category: Mental health
Duration: 60 minutes

Discover what it might mean to live a meaningful life, without getting caught up in the things that don’t matter. Find out if minimalism really might be the key to happiness.

The Moth - Different speakers

Category: Storytelling
Duration: 10-50 minutes

If you are a sucker for story-telling, go on an emotional rollercoaster ride by listening to some real-life stories experienced and told by real people. No scripts, no acting and live on stage.

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