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we are here for you

Do you know the Feeling of wanting to go out into the world?

Into a new life, one step closer to opening the door to your dreams? When it is finally time to realise your wishes, break free and begin the journey?
Wonderful, so do we! That’s why we want to be here for you. Our team is your rock. We are here to make your everyday life easier. We aren’t just a formal point of contact but also your friends.



We are an extraordinary community from sixty nations that will captivate, inspire and motivate you. This, with a home base that meets all your needs- individually and tailored to you, as if you were a perfect match. In order to ensure this, we redefine traditional living concepts and create living spaces which cater for work and play. Whether you are a student or a young professional, you decide how to live. One thing is certain: with MILESTONE, it is a whole lot easier and much more fun taking those steps towards independence, exciting adventures, great opportunities, new milestones and friends for life.